Germany Pavilion “CAMPUS GERMANY”
Austria Pavilion “Austria makes sense”
Belarus Pavilion “Forest of Future Technology”

Expo Dubai 2020: 10 pavilions for the ideas of tomorrow

Expo 2020 invites the world to Dubai from October 1, 2021 to April 3, 2022. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," 82 pavilions offer space to discover, marvel and experience. In the middle of it, the expo-experienced construction company NUSSLI, which implemented 10 country pavilions from the vision to the punctual opening.

October 2021

In their message and appearance, the Expo appearances of Germany, Monaco, France, China, Austria, Luxembourg, Japan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Baden-Württemberg could hardly be more different. "And yet they all bear the same hallmark in their construction methods: fast, sustainable and built with a Swiss understanding of quality," says Andy Böckli, CEO of the NUSSLI Group.

At home at the Expo and in the Middle East

With a total of more than 35 successfully implemented pavilions at the past seven World Expos, the NUSSLI Group is an expert in temporary infrastructure. On the 4.38 km2 Expo site in Dubai, the experienced Expo service provider is in a class of its own. Under the management of Dario Airoldi, the NUSSLI Middle East subsidiaries have been in existence in Dubai and Qatar for ten years, implementing projects in the region. "At peak times and including all service providers, NUSSLI connected over 1800 project participants as a kind of platform," says NUSSLI's project manager and COO Special Projects, Harald Dosch. In the Middle East, NUSSLI is looking forward to further prestigious projects: the Formula 1 car race in Jeddah, the 2022 Football World Championships in Qatar, as well as the 2023 FINA Swimming World Championships and the 2023 World Horticultural Exhibition in Doha. And then the next world exhibition will follow: Osaka 2025.

A look behind the country scenes

Austria Pavilion “Austria makes sense” 

NUSSLI is also realizing the Austria Pavilion as a total contractor. Its architecture combines Arab and Austrian best practice examples with innovative construction methods to create intelligent, resource-efficient architecture and it appeals to the senses.

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and according to the design by Austrian agency Querkraft Architekten, NUSSLI is the general contractor constructing the pavilion. More

Belarus Pavilion “Forest of Future Technology” 

Belarus pavilion was one of NUSSLI's first completed Expo buildings and one of the projects for which the company was responsible as a total contractor for planning, construction and dismantling.

On behalf of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NUSSLI is responsible for the planning, construction and dismantling of the entire pavilion. More

Baden-Württemberg House

The Baden-Württemberg House challenged the project team with familiar Expo sticking points: Short construction time due to the late award of the contract and high deadline pressure. At the same time, however, the team always had the certainty that everything would work out on time in the end.

NUSSLI is in-charge of constructing the pavilion and exhibition. More

China Pavilion “Light of China” 

Carsten Bartsch managed the pavilion construction of the Chinese appearance including the technical equipment. He can hardly wait for the opening of the China Pavilion, because: "An unbelievably huge amount of material was delivered for the light show in the China Pavilion. We are very excited about the moment when this 'lantern' lights up."

NUSSLI executes the pavilion construction and its essential, technical equipment. More

France Pavilion “Lightspeed Inspiration” 

Light is also the focus in the French country presentation. NUSSLI's competencies are showcased here on 800 square meters of exhibition space.

NUSSLI was commissioned by the Immersive(s) Group Scenography Team to construct the exhibition. More

Germany Pavilion “CAMPUS GERMANY” 

Project manager Mirco Amstad is proud of the performance of the entire project team for the German country presentation, which together mastered one challenge in particular: making the individual boxes and the roof of the pavilion float.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Koelnmesse GmbH is responsible for the organization and operation of the German Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. The concept, planning and implementation of the pavilion are the responsibility of a joint venture of facts and fiction and NUSSLI Adunic. The architecture and spatial concept are provided by LAVA (Berlin). More

Kazakhstan Pavilion “The Gateway to Tomorrow”

Kazakhstan's appearance is one of NUSSLI's largest pavilion construction projects at the Expo in Dubai. NUSSLI was also responsible for the exhibition construction, which impressively depicts the size and vastness of the country of Kazakhstan.

NUSSLI is responsible for the construction of the pavilion and the implementation of the exhibition, which follows the scenography developed by Insglück. More

Luxembourg Pavilion “Resourceful Luxembourg”

Technically, the Luxembourg Pavilion was a huge challenge for everyone involved. Even the experienced NUSSLI project manager Claus Kruppa says: "We studied the plans for several days to understand the building and to find the appropriate way to realize the pavilion with the extraordinary façade and the exhibition."

The concept for the pavilion come from the architectural firm Metaform. NUSSLI implements the pavilion with an extraordinary facade and the exhibition. More

Japan Pavilion “Where Ideas Meet” 

Project manager Kiril Petrowski is pleased with the realization of the main exhibition in the Japan Pavilion: "The interaction and understanding of the project participants from the most diverse cultures led to this extraordinary result."

Architectural concept by Yuko Nagayma and NTT Facilities. The exhibit concept was designed by the consortium of Murayama Inc. and Tanseisha Co Ltd. On their behalf, NUSSLI will be implementing the main exhibition. More

Monaco Pavilion “Monaco 360° – a World of Opportunities” 

For the country of Monaco, NUSSLI structurally implemented the entire two-story building including exhibition, souvenir store and restaurant. Project manager Gökhan Yilmaz recommends the public to climb the solar rock of this pavilion.

Pavilion design by AODA (Monaco) and the Swiss firm OOS Studio. NUSSLI is building the two-story polygonal pavilion on behalf of facts and fiction. More

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