Custom and Special Structures

There are no alternatives to temporary spatial solutions when it comes to events and exhibitions that require an interim solution for conversions or a short-term increase in needed space. Even if the period of use is unclear, temporary solutions are often more cost-effective and, above all, more flexible than permanent structures. Functional and yet in a perfect shape, insulated, air-conditioned, modular, cost-effective, adaptable, durable – our customers' demands on buildings for temporary or provisional solutions are as numerous as our possible solutions.

Our business is whatever has to be produced within the shortest possible time and in a sustainable construction quality.

If your construction project or time frame exceeds conventional frameworks, NUSSLI Special Projects has you covered. Even if the duration of use is still unclear, modular solutions are an expedient option. Flexible extension, subsequent adaptation or even potential relocation as well as rapid planning and implementation are further important advantages of interim structures.

Our specialists always find a compelling solution — in every dimension and in a wide range of architectural implementations. We do not just build towards the sky, but also execute challenging requests.

Often, custom structures also serve their purpose over a long period of time and exceed the interim structure stage. We are also glad to build permanent structures if a project is urgent and its realization via conventional construction methods takes too long. To ensure that your interim structure will serve you well for decades, we use a wide range of high-quality materials to ensure a sustainable construction quality on a project-by-project basis.

Our Services

  • Halls/ Construction shells
  • Annexes, extensions and facades
  • Spatial worlds
  • Special constructions
  • Interim and temporary solutions
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