Unforgettable appearances guaranteed! Whether for sporting, cultural or business events, NUSSLI's rental stages allow for creative freedom - in functionality, design and choice of location.

The curtain rises on your big show! We offer the perfect stage system for every event. NUSSLI rents out stages or platforms and creates backdrops in all conceivable shapes, designs and sizes - and on any surface. Our stages are flexibly adapted to meet your requirements. They are the ideal support structures for unusual sets and heavy equipment and provide maximum design flexibility.

Stages For Every Show, Anywhere

Safety and speed are among our biggest virtues. Our event stages meet the most stringent safety requirements, even if they are located in water or on sand. Thanks to strategically placed branch offices around the world, our materials arrive on site quickly. So do our experienced staff members, who can meet any delivery date, even with tight deadlines, and provide top performance under any weather conditions.

Versatile Stage Structures for Every Location

Our rental stages are as flexible as the shows are diverse — whether it is shape, size, roofing, load capacity, or weather protection. Thanks to our long-standing experience as stage contractors for performances all over the world, we know exactly what is important. Furthermore, we are always present where something extraordinary is being offered, something new is being developed, and trends are being set. Some of our unique works include giant stage landscapes, twin rock stages, festival stages in the shape of snakes and elephants, open-air stages on water, or a theater house on the ice.

Our Services

  • Temporary Stages and Backdrops
  • Stage Rental
  • Stage Construction
  • Tower Stages and Lifting Platforms
  • Arched Stages 
  • Shell Stages
  • Large-scale Stages
  • Event Stages
  • Concert Stages, Rock Stages, Open Air Stages
  • Special, Custom and Design Stages
  • Stage Roofing, Covered Stages, Stage Canopy
  • Front of House (FOH), PA and Delay Tower 
  • Support Structures for Video Screens, Substructures
NUSSLI Jumbo Stage

Versatile, flexible, and extremely large. On the Jumbo Stage, even giant shows have more than enough space, ensuring a stage opening with a clearance of up to 31 meters wide, in addition to the side wings. The modular stage structure also impresses with its load-bearing capacity.

With its extremely strong design, it offers all manner of possibilities for elaborate shows, with lots of lighting, sound, and show equipment. Flexible both in terms of size and configuration, the Jumbo Stage is just as suited to open-air festivals as it is to unique concerts or any other type of show.

Technical Data Sheet

Temporary Stages and Backdrops

The moment at which the spotlight shines on the stage and the show begins belongs to you. We do our utmost to ensure that everything goes smoothly both before and after. In order to ensure that your event is a resounding success, we are at your side from the very beginning. We provide consulting, design, and planning of the temporary stage, backdrop, and, where desired, additional event structures which correspond to your requirements and budget. We plan, transport, and install the structures safely and reliably. Directly after the event, we take care of the immediate dismantling. We leave you to enjoy the cheering from the audience.

Stage Rental

You, the organizer, are where all the threads for the overall event organization come together. This results in a great deal of responsibility and a lot of work. We take the load off your shoulders by not only implementing the heart of your event, but also making our long-standing experience available to you. Hence, you can definitely depend on us where concepts and consulting are concerned. After all, we have been in show business for a long time. So long that we are able to reliably plan and build the stage type that will provide sustainable support for your event. We also provide you with additional services during the event, such as instruction and manuals, renovation, stand-by, maintenance and more,  all the way to the dismantling and re-use of the components. It is only when your event has safely and successfully crossed the stage from A to Z that we lean back and proudly look back on unforgettable event moments together with you.

Tower Stages and Lifting Platforms

In spite of its considerable size, the tower stage impresses with almost limitless versatility and adaptability. With a usable width of almost 27 meters and variable stage depth and height, it is suitable as a festival stage, orchestra stage, tour stage, or  a host of other performances. The tower stage/lifting platform is suitable even for larger shows with extensive video, sound, and lighting equipment. With a permissible load of up to 300 kilonewtons, it provides sufficient space even for elaborate performances.

Dome Stages

Performances on a dome stage always have a certain appeal of the spectacular and extraordinary. The grand performance area and the curved roof shape alone give event stages and shows that special something. With a usable width of 16 or 23 meters and a variable stage depth and height, the flexibility of our Dome Stage is well suited for concert, theater or show stages. Even in summer thunderstorms, the show on the stage can go on. This is ensured by the weather protection with full-surface tarpaulins. With the transparent tarpaulins, the dome stage harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings, allowing you to expand your backdrop.

Large-Scale Stages

Of course, your big show would not be complete without additional spotlights and room to maneuver. In other words, the rentable NUSSLI large-scale stage offers just the right thing for you. Feel free to speak to our stage professionals about crazy show ideas and gigantic spectacles as well. We are accustomed to providing a well-thought-out and safe stage, even for the most outlandish performances.

Custom Stages, Design Stages

Maximum freedom of design and a wide range of shapes and sizes — the flexible and versatile construction system - make it possible to design the mobile stage exactly according to your requirements. The performance should achieve maximum impact and leave a lasting impression. To attain this, our experienced project team will translate your individual requirements into a complete solution consisting of a stage and roof structure, with stage settings, backdrop elements, and platform landscapes, as well as turntables, hydraulically and kinetically controlled components, platforms, show stairs, stage elements, and other elements available for rent.

Stage Roofing

A stage solution would not be complete without a matching, functional roof. Various shapes such as a dome, elevated roof, or a shell shape can be combined with a wide range of materials. Apart from protection from the weather, these stage roofs, which can be used flexibly, provide countless options for attaching light and sound equipment. Acoustics, aesthetics, and function in perfect harmony!

Front of House (FOH), PA and Delay Tower

We, as stage contractors, are equally committed towards an optimal view and perfect acoustics as are you, the event organizer. Hence, we lease and build free-standing technical structures such as front/back of house, PA and delay towers with a great deal of thought and detail. Ensuring minimal obstruction of sight, the highest level of safety, and well-thought-out functionality is just as much the focus of our work during planning as it is during assembly.

Support Structures for Video Screens, Sub-Structures

Generally, in addition to the stage, additional event structures are also required for concerts, theater performances, and shows. For example, video screens, which display what is happening on stage to the entire audience, may be required. You can also lease these structures from us. We work to ensure the seamless assembly and disassembly of supporting and sub-structures for all types of structures. In addition to this, we also perform advance analyses, engineering and consulting, and guarantee the uncompromising safety of the structures for spectators and staff.

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