Expo 2020 Dubai Germany Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai Germany Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai Germany Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie

German Pavilion, Expo 2020

At Expo 2020 in Dubai, Germany will present itself as a research laboratory in which people can find out about and experience solutions for a sustainable future together and by exchanging ideas. Visitors to CAMPUS GERMANY can look forward to an adventurous trip filled with surprises and insights. They will become researchers in the German pavilion.

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In the German Pavilion, located in the "Sustainability" topical area of Expo 2020 in Dubai, visitors are "enrolled" when entering and provided with a personal name tag. As researchers, they will then actively participate together in CAMPUS GERMANY and work towards a sustainable future. IAMU is the name of the new technology that ensures that they can all interact with the pavilion in real time, in their own language and in a manner that is appropriate for their age. IAMU was specially developed for use in Dubai and will celebrate its world premiere here. The CAMPUS GERMANY concept shows that sustainability is conceived, researched, lived and further developed in Germany. 

Positively impact the global development

Travelling through the Anthropozene, the age of man, the pavilion guests will discover their own potential to positively influence global development. In the three interactively and haptically designed subject areas "Energy Lab", "Future City" and "Biodiversity Lab" they will receive a lot of information in an entertaining, surprising and emotional way. The message of the German pavilion is: "Building on his intelligence and creativity, man can return development to its right track and thus secure the lives of future generations." Many exhibits can be operated together by several people at once, for example. Furthermore, the visitors will be invited to share their opinions and convictions. This will let surprisingly magical moments arise when the intelligent space reacts to the people and their interests. The visitors will then take a seat on one of the more than 100 swings for the graduation ceremony in the "Graduation Hall". By means of projections on the walls and spotlights on the swings, IAMU then shows them that more things connect than separate them and that together they can achieve much more than they think they can.

Vertical campus architecture

The architecture of the German Pavilion also reflects the central values of dialog and togetherness. Various cubes and interspaces together form the multi-layered building with a covered atrium as the central point of reference. Just like a park can frame a campus, a common pattern envelopes the building sections and the outer space vertically. And you can see people on all levels who are meeting and exchanging ideas; in keeping with the Expo motto: "Connecting minds, creating the future" 

Concept and implementation

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Koelnmesse GmbH is responsible for the organization and operation of the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The concept, planning and implementation of the German pavilion are the responsibility of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Pavillon Expo 2020 Dubai" (working group), a joint venture of facts and fiction GmbH (Cologne) and NUSSLI Adunic AG (Hüttwilen, Switzerland). In that context, Facts and fiction is responsible for the content concept as well as the exhibition and media design, while NUSSLI Adunic is in charge of the construction. The architecture and the spatial concept are provided by LAVA - Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (Berlin). 

About Expo 2020

Due to the corona pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai took place one year later. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the Expo gates were open in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It was the first World Expo to be held in an Arab and Muslim country. More than 190 countries and organizations presented themselves on the three thematic clusters Opportunities, Sustainability and Mobility, which together had the size of 610 football fields. Almost 25 million visitors, mostly from abroad, were at the Expo in Dubai.





Award Status Category
BIE Official Participants Award Expo 2020 Dubai Gold Theme interpretation, Self-Built Pavilions Category L and XL
2A Veneration and Innovative Achievement Memorial Icon Award Specially Venerated Pavilions Innovative and Transformative Ideas in Architecture
EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Award Winner Editor's Choice
EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Award Honorable Mention #2 Best XL Pavilion
The Burj CEO Awards Winner Outstanding Quality Performance and Excellent Delivery of Services
EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Award Top 7 Nomination People‘s Choice Awards
ADC Art Directors Club Award Bronze Event > Event > Public
ADC Art Directors Club Award Bronze Exhibition > Exhibition Craft > Partizipation des Publikums
ADC Art Directors Club Award Silver Exhibition > Exhibition for Brand > Museum/Pavillon

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