Expo 2020 Dubai Luxembroug Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai Luxembroug Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai Luxembroug Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie

Luxembourg Pavilion, Expo 2020

Luxembourg was the first country to sign the agreement to participate in the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. With its pavilion, Luxembourg underscores it ambition to come up with solutions for future challenges in collaboration with other nations and with united resources. The idea and concept for the pavilion come from the Luxembourg architectural firm Metaform. NUSSLI realized the three-story building with an extraordinary facade.

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"Resourceful Luxembourg" was the motto of the Luxembourg pavilion with an area of 3,650 square meters and space for 500 visitors. As the location, the representatives chose the thematic sector "Opportunity" on the Expo grounds. When construction began, 5,300 cubic meters of soil was first excavated before the construction of the pavilion was erected. A slide, a park planted with trees, the thematic exhibition, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a covered area with space for up to 200 persons to stand in line, and function rooms formed the inner section of the pavilion. 

"Already during the preparations, the chosen facade turned out to be particularly challenging", says NUSSLI project head Claus Kruppa, because: "It envelops the building with steel connectors made of pipes and creates almost 1,000 joints, of which every single one features a different configuration of angles. We spent two months looking for a suitable steel construction company and have now found one." 

Architecture and Scenography Complementing Each Other

The small country of Luxembourg is presenting itself as a smart nation: It understands how to connect human, natural, technical, industrial, and financial resources to create opportunities and shape the future. On the pavilion, this core tenet will be represented by the outer shell in the shape of a Möbius strip, which connects the top with the bottom, and the inside with the outside, thereby symbolizing openness, dynamism, and reliability. 

On the inside of the pavilion, a spiral path takes visitors on a journey through the changing space: It alternates between inside, outside, height, depth, and different perspectives. The architecture, exhibition, projections and shows are coordinated with each other and allow visitors to experience the country and people of Luxembourg in a didactic, interactive, and intuitive manner.

NUSSLI Project Organization in Dubai

Apart from the Luxembourg pavilion, NUSSLI also be implemented the structures of other Expo participants such as Germany, Monaco, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Japan, Kazakhstan, France, China, Austria, and Belarus. Since mid-2018, the Swiss event construction company has been deployed on site with project teams. The early establishment of the Expo project organization allowed the teams to intimately familiarize themselves with the situation on site. Furthermore, this also allowed the complex planning and implementation, and in particular the materials procurement, personnel deployment, and the exchange of know-how to be optimized. 

About Expo 2020

Due to the corona pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai took place one year later. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the Expo gates were open in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It was the first World Expo to be held in an Arab and Muslim country. More than 190 countries and organizations presented themselves on the three thematic clusters Opportunities, Sustainability and Mobility, which together had the size of 610 football fields. Almost 25 million visitors, mostly from abroad, were at the Expo in Dubai.





Award Status Category
2A Veneration and Innovative Achievement Memorial Icon Award Specially Venerated Pavilions Innovative and Transformative Ideas in Architecture
Rethinking the Future Awards Runner-up Cultural (built)
EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Award Honorable Mention #3 Editor's Choice
Architizer A+Awards Finalist Cultural / Pavilion
EXHIBITOR Magazine's World Expo Award Top 7 Nomination Exterior Design
ADC Art Directors Club Award Auszeichnung Exhibition > Exhibition for Subject > Ausstellung
The International Architecture Award Winner Exposition centres

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