Event Structures and Overlay

Thought through to the last detail. Sometimes a 27- meter-high diving platform is enough for a successful event. But often enough, a whole range of different structures is required.

We provide you with tailor-made, rentable event structures ranging from mobile pedestrian bridges to elegant double-story structures for VIP guests. Furthermore, we also assume full responsibility for the entire overlay. The overlay includes all temporary elements that, in addition to the existing structures, make up the event infrastructure of an event. As a turnkey service provider, we also take care of the organizational aspects of your project, in addition to the construction, upon request.

Single Components or Full-Service

At NUSSLI, we provide all the event structures for your event from a single source - Media towers, PAs, platforms with or without roofing, stairs, bridges, arches, ramps, or a video wall for your big show. We build all types of special structures, rental event structures, and work behind the scenes to ensure that your event makes a positive lasting impression on guests.

With our many years of experience and our flexible system building materials, we can also implement sophisticated designs down to the smallest detail. We will advise you, starting with the planning of your event and going the distance with you to the grand finale, providing advice and support every step of the way. A personal contact person is available during the entire construction period. We’ll take the load off your back, so you can devote yourself to your own tasks with no distractions.

Standard or Custom Structures for Your Event

Perhaps we have already built the event structures you require hundreds of times. However, you may be putting our skills to the test with your vision of innovative infrastructure. We welcome either versions. Standard solutions are our day-to-day passion. But extravagance is our motivation.

Our Services

  • Bridge Construction 
  • Platforms, Podium
  • Towers, Tower Structures 
  • Ski Jumps and Ramps
  • Staircases, Stair Towers, Evacuation Staircases 
  • Archways, Starting and Finishing Arches
  • Double-Storied Structures
  • Substructures for Tents, Substructures for Video Walls, Support Structures
  • Partitioning and Advertising Walls
  • Special Structures
Tower Structures, Towers, and Ramps

Pedestrian and wheelchair ramps, PA or delay towers, camera, direction, or advertising towers, FOH (front of house) or BOH (back of house) and other infrastructure provide access and an overview of events with a huge number of visitors. Regardless of their height and dimensions, safety is paramount for these scaffolding towers and event structures. There is no cause for worry, as our structural engineers leave nothing to chance. They anticipate all situations and prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to safety factors. Do you have a special design in mind? One that is not just functional, but also a real eye-catcher? Our experienced project teams would be glad to help you with developing your design — no matter how unusual.

Stair Systems, Stair Towers, Emergency Stairways

Stairs perform important functions at every event. For example, if the path from the parking area to the entrance crosses a street with cars or impassable terrain, rentable temporary stairs for pedestrians and gangways can be used to create a safe, convenient, and direct connection for large numbers of people. Stairs are also used for a wide range of other purposes in the event sector. Stage stairs or temporary external stairs, free-standing or integrated, connect buildings and rooms and shorten paths. Safe emergency and evacuation stairscases are also indispensable when danger threatens. We plan stable, well-thought-out solutions for your event, which can be integrated into every evacuation concept. This allows you to maintain calm in any situation.

Archways, Entrance Portals, Starting and Finishing Arches, Bridge Structures

We are literally bridge-builders, as evidenced by the way we connect various buildings and event areas. When doing so, the dimensions are irrelevant. From simple cable bridges to double-story VIP bridges, we create connecting structures people can cross, or spend time on. According to the same principle, we plan, construct, and lease portals with and without video/LED, archways, entrance gates, and starting and finishing arches with custom shapes and sizes. A wide range of branding options, which will impress both sponsors and organizers alike, is the biggest advantage where cladding is concerned.

Platforms, Support Structures, Dividing and Advertising Walls

See and be seen... Whenever a surface is to be the center of attention for spectators, the media, products, or shows, platforms and sub-structures are used to provide the foundation. The system elements can be combined modularly and installed to the client's exact specifications — as a catwalk, wheelchair, camera, media platform, or as a tent sub-structure for the VIP area. This works equally well horizontally: There are almost no limits when it comes to structures in the form of advertising and dividing walls or supporting structures for video walls, even on difficult terrain or on water.

Special Structures and Custom Designs

The appeal of the unusual is what drives us. Entrust us with your unique idea and as experienced planners and construction specialists, we will implement it in reality. Let us brainstorm outside the box together and capitalize on our knowhow, as well as our network. For example, a bridge structure may evolve into a double-story design with a VIP lounge. Or a ski jump may end in a stadium. Or we might just build an ice channel more than 300 meters long in the middle of the city. Our flexible construction and support system allows for a wide variety of designs. Should additional components be necessary, we can take advantage of the short delivery distances from our own production facilities.

Let's connect What can we do for you? We look forward to hearing about your project ideas and to answering any questions.