Grandstands, Stadia and Arenas

Applause for your event! Your event is in the spotlight and we provide the perfect setting. With temporary or additional grandstands, stadiums and arenas by NUSSLI, you offer your audience the best view from every position.

Sustainable, flexible and cost-effective, from the conception and planning to installation, NUSSLI offers grandstands and arenas on a rental basis in any size and for any occasion; whether you need standing space for a hundred or a stadium for 50,000 visitors. We also provide comfortable and safe spaces for audiences on difficult terrain, like snow-covered mountain slopes, in the water, or on protected historical sites. Highly trained and experienced staff build the grandstand, or the stadium, according to the situation, reliably and on time, and then dismantle it.

Flexible Construction Systems In Use Around the World

Our proprietary grandstand systems are the result of decades of experience and constant optimization. They can be flexibly configured and provide solutions with an accuracy of centimeters. A variety of seats, benches, and individual grandstand panels are also available. Certified according to European and International standards, they can be used anywhere around the world.

Maximum Security and Tremendous Flexibility 

We have more than 300,000 seats worldwide and construct column-free roofs over as many as 12 rows. We also integrate functional buildings such as toilets or sales rooms. We have the right grandstand for every occasion. We rent/lease the right grandstand for every situation.

Cost-Efficiency when Renting or Purchasing

Modular, or mobile, grandstands and arenas can be set up quickly, and therefore particularly cost-effectively. We offer our seating systems for rent or, upon request, for sale as well, either for one-time occasions or for recurring events.

Optimal Lines of Sight, International Regulations

Ultimately, it is the personal experience that makes an event unforgettable. This includes not only an optimal view, but also sitting comfortably on the grandstand. From the organizer's perspective, NUSSLI grandstands impress with major advantages; various grandstand systems precisely fulfill the specific requirements of the various event types. For example, television studio grandstands need to fulfill entirely different criteria than those for standing grandstands in a football arena or the VIP grandstand at a brand event. With the various NUSSLI grandstand systems, the riser, row depth, and seating system can be configured precisely to the needs of the occasion. The systems can be fully and flexibly combined with each other and, regardless of where they are used, have been verified to comply with international guidelines.

Our Services

  • Linear or Curved Grandstands 
  • Grandstand Systems  
  • Grandstand Rental 
  • Event Seating
  • Event Bleacher
  • VIP Grandstand
  • Demountable Seating, Additional Grandstands and Grandstand Extensions 
  • Modular Arenas 
  • Temporary Stadium Extension, Stadium Seating 
  • Covered Grandstands, Grandstand Canopies and Grandstand Roofs
  • Grandstand Sales 
Event Seating, Grandstand Systems, Linear or Curved Grandstands

When locations suddenly become viewing venues with a large amount of interested spectators, temporary grandstand systems make it possible to see what is happening. We analyze client requirements, research the circumstances, check the important parameters. Based on this, we construct exactly the right grandstand. Some examples include linear scaffolding grandstands with VIP and media boxes along a racetrack, seating-optimized grandstand systems with extended curves, integrated function rooms for cultural events or sitting grandstands with upholstered individual seats for a company anniversary.

The basic pattern is defined by a substructure made of our in-house developed system material. On it, the grandstand is constructed quickly and flexibly and tailored with regard to design, riser, row depth, seat width, seating system, and other variables.

Grandstand Rental, Grandstand Sales, Grandstand Leasing

Will the grandstand system be required for a few days, several years, or repeated assembly? Is the spectator infrastructure designed to the requirements of the organization in a highly specific manner? Or do you wish to rent a grandstand with standard options? In an early phase of the project, we work with you to analyze the economic benefits of the event structures and the financing. We offer options for:

  • Rental
  • Purchase
  • Leasing

For determining suitable financing options, it is not only the use and design quality that play a decisive role, but also aspects such as warehousing, logistics, or personnel costs.

Additional Grandstands, Grandstand Extension, Temporary Stadium Extension

Situations that cause fans to start cheering may also result in a headache for the club representatives. For instance, when there is suddenly double the number of spectators at the home stadium than is usually expected. This may be due to a friendly game against an attractive opponent or even promotion to a higher league. Increasing the capacity of the existing stadium for a single match day, or for the next season, can be performed within a few weeks with careful planning and flexible construction systems. The project begins with the analysis of framework conditions and requirements. Depending on the client's needs, a wide range of services can be offered, including:

  • Concept
  • Detailed Planning
  • Logistics
  • Assembly
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Dismantling
  • Removal and restoration
Modular Arenas

The current trend towards flexibility and sustainability has already been perceptible in stadium construction. Modular arenas complement existing stadia as an interim solution — as in the case of a new stadium construction — or even replace them. Similarly, innovative concepts for event series, with changing locations, also use temporary arenas. Where functionality and safety are concerned, modular arenas are just as good as stadiums made of concrete. In fact, they offer more where cost-effectiveness is concerned. This is because they can easily be modified to suit changing requirements, without an expensive stadium renovation, while also being designed for long-term use. For example, when the sports arena arises out of thin air in the city, at the beach, or in the mountains, and disappears again just as quickly after the event. It is precisely this lightweight, temporary design that is responsible for the attractiveness of the stadium.

Covered grandstands, Grandstand Canopies and Grandstand Roofs

Some events require custom-designed grandstands. In this case, the question of roofing naturally arises. Spectators desire protection against excessive sun and rain. Organizers take care of the added value and comfort, while the NUSSLI project team ensures optimal lines of sight and complete safety under snow loads and in the face of updrafts. As stadium contractors, we plan and build the complete roofing of the entire stadium grandstand or partially covered sectors to your exact requirements. At the same time, we also ensure an unobstructed view of the event — with support-free roofing.

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