Expo 2020 Dubai China Copyright NUSSLI Group
Expo 2020 Dubai China Copyright NUSSLI Group
Expo 2020 Dubai China Copyright NUSSLI Group

China Pavilion, Expo Dubai 2020

The Chinese pavilion "Light of China" at the Expo 2020 in Dubai shows how people in a community can use opportunities for the future of mankind. The Chinese lantern symbolises this message and serves as the inspiration for the pavilion.

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The groundbreaking for one of the biggest pavilions on the Expo grounds in Dubai took place on October 30th, 2019. NUSSLI was commissioned to execute the pavilion construction and its essential, technical equipment. Located in the "Opportunity" theme area, the Chinese pavilion also deals with the sub-topics "Mobility" and "Sustainability". And it presents the big country's proposal, to promote the global development together as well as developing a community for the coexistence of people in the future.

China's Achievements in the Exhibition

Inside the building, the areas "Exploration and Discovery", "Innovation and Cooperation" as well as "Opportunity and Future" lead the visitors through China's diverse achievements in science, technology, information, education and transportation. For example, with innovations such as the five hundred meter aperture spherical telescope FAST, high-speed railways, 5G technology, artificial intelligence and, of course, the Belt and Road Initiative – a kind of modern Silk Road – the pavilion demonstrate the innovative spirit of the Chinese people and their research courage.

Architecture Combines Tradition and Technology

"Building a community with a shared future for humanity – innovation and opportunity"; This theme of the Chinese pavilion is also visible in its architecture. For example, the artful combination of traditional elements of Chinese architecture with modern technologies builds on the idea of community. "Light of China", the name of the pavilion as well as the architecture express hope and light. As a type of gigantic lantern with shimmering, playful lights, the pavilion shows one of the most valuable traditions of Chinese culture.

About Expo 2020

Due to the corona pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai took place one year later. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the Expo gates were open in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It was the first World Expo to be held in an Arab and Muslim country. More than 190 countries and organizations presented themselves on the three thematic clusters Opportunities, Sustainability and Mobility, which together had the size of 610 football fields. Almost 25 million visitors, mostly from abroad, were at the Expo in Dubai.





Award Status Category
BIE Official Participants Award Expo 2020 Dubai Bronze Architecture, Self-Built Pavilions Category L and XL


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