Event Halls

Spectacular and unique. As an ingenious interim solution, for those times when the usual venue does not seem to be available or as a creative statement at the location of your choice, temporary halls by NUSSLI make it possible for you to hold your sporting, cultural or business event in any place imaginable.

Our experts take on even the most extraordinary of challenges in the implementation of temporary event halls. They inspire guests and audiences with sophisticated, spatial design structures for the duration of each temporary construction. A variety of quick-build hall systems make both simple and highly complex solutions possible, with highly flexible floor plans. Therefore, agencies and architects can be given free rein to use their creativity in designing the facade and the shape of the hall.

Sustainable Hall Construction on Any Terrain

Our unique hall systems are flexible, cost-effective and enable even multi-story constructions with extremely short assembly and dismantling times. Using our latest developments, we construct hall structures out of our own system material on all types of terrain without time-consuming foundations or large construction cranes and with the construction site taking up minimal space. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to us. While temporary buildings, by themselves, already conserve resources, we go even further by using innovative and reusable materials, thus ensuring a good ecological balance.

Temporary Event Hall as a Success Factor

Did you know that an optimal event hall can contribute a great deal to the success of your event? For instance, if the hall is in a special location. Or it creates an up-close atmosphere. Certainly because it leaves nothing to be desired where equipment is concerned. But also because it disappears as quickly and completely as it appeared, after the event has ended. Magic? Hardly. Simply a sophisticated hall system that fulfills all your requirements and a project team that thinks on its feet and works in a solution-oriented manner.

Our Services

  • Single- or Multi-Story Event Halls 
  • Event Halls
  • Halls via System Construction, with Support Structure, Steel Halls
  • Customized Spatial Structures
  • Custom Space Solutions
  • Interim Sports Venues, Interim Building
  • Turnkey Concepts
Single- or Multi-Story Temporary Hall Structures

Hall construction structures with multiple levels create more event space, especially in the case of art events, theater/dance performances, brand events with different event zones, or sports events. The modules of NUSSLI’s light frame construction halls can bear extreme loads and allow levels measuring up to 20 meters to be built without supports — for example: A full-surface intermediate floor, Gallery, Terrace or Patio.

This allows the event hall to be tailored even more precisely to the respective event, thereby augmenting the visitor’s experience. Stair systems or elevators, lifting systems, and escalators connect the various levels. In the interior of the hall, we can install either sports fields or scene surfaces for you. Are you planning a big show for your event? If so, we can outfit the hall with grandstands, stages, and other event structures — all from a single source.

System Construction Halls

At first glance, NUSSLI’s system construction halls impress primarily due to their modular and flexible design, as well as their extremely rapid construction time. But from up close, one will notice that the hall systems also have additional advantages:

  • Support-free design up to 40 meters
  • Variable hall length and hall height
  • No foundation required
  • Expandable and extendable at will

But there's more. Certainly, the NUSSLI system construction halls are economical and sustainable. As a rental solution, they quickly provide the desired interim building for a limited period of time. But as soon as the event has ended, the system construction elements are used for other purposes at other locations — without any subsequent negative impact on your budget or the environment.

Halls with Support Structure, Steel Halls

Solutions in the form of halls with support structures are a good choice when you require more space over the medium or long term, like an interim venue for the duration of one or more theater seasons, or for additional sports training activities, or for changing cultural exhibitions that last for relatively long periods.  Beautiful, freely suspended hall structures can be transformed into a mobile theater, a sports hall, or a temporary museum for months or years, or into a functional warehouse, in the right size and with low start-up effort. Finally, a facade made of fabric, wood, metal, glass, or other materials gives the hall the perfect visual finish, with a conspicuous design as an eye-catcher or a discreet one that follows the architecture of neighboring buildings.

In any case, NUSSLI event halls perfectly showcase the advantages of system construction. Various system elements can be integrated into the building and optimally combined with other suitable materials. The prefabricated construction method — the manufacturing of construction modules at the production facility — reduces the assembly time. Furthermore, the modules can also be reused again in other buildings later on, allowing them to be utilized sustainably.

Custom Space Solutions

Certain moments exist to create something unique. It could be your company anniversary or a grand show. Above all, however, the planning of the event should be extraordinary and the event hall unique. Our planners will provide you with their experience and their specialist expertise so the event is an unforgettable one for all involved parties. If you value exceptional architectural or eye-catching custom designs, we look forward to the technical challenge of implementing them. We would be glad to help you with:

  • Design: Engineering and analyses
  • Planning and Implementation: Detailed planning, logistics, handling, assembly
  • Operations: Instruction/manuals, renovations/stand-by, servicing and maintenance
  • Removal and Re-Use: Dismantling, re-use of system hall elements/sustainable disposal
Turnkey Services

Your event is not complete with just the event hall. Your schedule is already full with thousands of other organizational duties. We are highly familiar with this situation. Hence, we offer you turnkey services. According to your needs, we design, plan, and build the event hall and take care of all associated aspects. For example, we also take over responsibility for:

  • Technical Building Services: Heating, climate control, ventilation, and sanitation facilities
  • Event Technology: Sound, light, video, and multimedia equipment
  • Decoration and Interior Design
  • Furniture, Fittings, and Equipment
  • Basic Lighting and Electrical Systems

For this, we utilize our long-standing experience and wide network of event service providers. After all, part of our day-to-day tasks is keeping an overview of things in the dynamic event industry and coordinating the various trades.

Temporary Sports Hall — A Turnkey Interim Solution

Are you faced with the challenge of maintaining sporting operations despite the renovation or rebuilding of your sports hall? Or do you currently require more space but do not know if this will remain the case permanently? If so, NUSSLI has the perfect rental solution for you. As an ingenious interim solution — for times when the regular venue happens to be unavailable — NUSSLI's single sports hall makes it possible for you to continue offering your range of sports activities during this period of time.

Do you require a multiple-module sports hall or additional space for your sport activities? Thanks to our modular construction systems, there are no limits to your imagination. We would be glad to work with you to come up with a custom temporary hall that complies with your personal specifications and requirements.

Let's connect What can we do for you? We look forward to hearing about your project ideas and to answering any questions.