Qazaqstan Pavilion, Expo 2020
Qazaqstan Pavilion, Expo 2020
Exhibition in the Qazaqstan Pavilion, Expo 2020

Kazakhstan Pavilion, Expo 2020

"The Gateway to tomorrow" is the name of the pavilion with which the Central Asian state of Kazakhstan will present itself at Expo 2020 in Dubai as a traditional country with modern ideas. NUSSLI will carry out the construction for the presentation.

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A huge sun shines from the facade of the Kazakhstan pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. It expresses the pride and confidence of the country with its many traditions and is the most important symbol of Kazakh cultural heritage. The inspiration for the facade architecture came from the typical Ayir Kalpak headdress and the old architecture of Kazakh cities. The architecture of the three-story pavilion alludes to the light latticework of a yurt – the mobile home of the nomads. NUSSLI is responsible for the construction of the Kazakhstan pavilion and following the scenography by Insglück, NUSSLI will also implement the exhibition.

Visitors follow their own interests

As soon as you enter the pavilion, you get a sense of the diversity and hospitality of Kazakhstan. Supported by augmented and virtual reality, the guests in the pavilion dive into the past, present and future of Kazakhstan. The stories in the exhibition draw a continuous red thread through the themes and, combined with exciting interactions, animate the visitors to constantly move like a determined river.

A meaningful experience: Kazakhstan's past, present and future

The experience in the pavilion appeals to all the senses and leaves a lasting impression. For example, a mobile piece in the form of projected visual effects, light and audio deals with the legacy of the nomads and the connection to other ethnic groups right at the start. In the "Land of Treasures", interactive, multi-sensory installations present the culture and natural wealth of Kazakhstan. Furthermore, landscapes shaped by light and mirrors as well as large room-in-room installations provide interesting insights into the country. In a different area, the pavilion visitors get to know the "Golden Man" and Kazakh culture through artefacts, interactive maps and installations with tactile surfaces. Whether it is in an exhibition and research laboratories, while learning or playing, using interactive installations, real objects, animated high-tech infographics, the Wheel of the Future or the 180° projection and much more: Visitors experience Kazakhstan as a country in motion that is adapting, changing and striding towards the future.

About EXPO 2020

Under the slogan "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," EXPO 2020 will take place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 in Dubai, the first time in an Arab and Muslim country. More than 190 countries and organizations are presenting their exhibitions on the three thematic clusters Opportunities, Sustainability and Mobility, which together make up the size of 610 football fields. 25 million visitors are expected, most of them from abroad.


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