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Impressive Presentations Come from Creative Ideas. When the experts at NUSSLI take matters in hand, the end result is an innovative pavilion with a maximum impact factor for visitors. If the pavilion needs to be here today, but at a completely different location tomorrow, we also take over the entire logistics chain. We always bear factors such as construction time, costs and sustainability in mind while providing you with the optimum solution for your project.

For international brand presentations, roadshows, representative sponsor appearances, or for the next World Expo, we always rise to the challenge of spectacular architecture. When it comes to the high-quality, on-time implementation of your creative ideas, our expertise in numerous exceptional projects around the world really pays off.

Modular structures and system components provide flexibility and maximum speed in assembly and disassembly and facilitate multiple use in different locations of your choice. At the same time, innovative materials produce spectacular effects and a delightful architectural impression. Incidentally, a pavilion can be used in a variety of ways and, even as a provisional arrangement or temporary extension, is often the most economical solution.

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AMBROSIUS – a member of the NUSSLI Group

With AMBROSIUS as a member, the NUSSLI Group offers comprehensive pavilion construction solutions. AMBROSIUS realizes individually customized pavilions for companies, brands, and institutions — tailored specifically to the client's requirements.

As an established brand, AMBROSIUS not only has its own specialists, but also a worldwide network of experienced professionals and partners who collaborate to guarantee the expert realization of unique pavilions and roadshows. At its headquarters in Frankfurt, AMBROSIUS has access to the latest project management infrastructure, and also operates a production unit with its own client storage facility.

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MoMoCUBE® - Unlimited Possibilities

Whether it is used for a roadshow, or as a promotional pavilion or exhibition stand, the MoMoCUBE is the perfect solution for your brand presentation or event.

A high-quality cube with the standard dimensions of a 20-foot container forms the basic element of the modular system. The individual cubes can be freely arranged and combined with each other by stacking or coupling. The MoMoCUBES can therefore be uniquely configured according to your  individual preferences and needs and adapted to your event.

The Cube can be easily transported by truck and assembled and dismantled in a very short time. In an exhibition hall as well as outdoors.

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Some reference examples:

MoMoCUBE Exhibition Tower

MoMoCUBE Exhibition Tower

MoMoCUBE Trade Fair Booth Meeting Room

MoMoCUBE Meeting Room

MoMoCUBE Pavillon

MoMoCUBE Pavilion


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