Pavilions and Roadshows

Impressive presentations come from creative ideas. When the experts at NUSSLI take matters in hand, the result is an innovative pavilion with a maximum impact factor for visitors.

For international brand presentations, roadshows, representative sponsor appearances, or for the next World Expo, we always rise to the challenge of spectacular architecture. When it comes to the high quality, on-time implementation of your creative ideas, our expertise in numerous, exceptional projects, around the world, really pays off.

If the pavilion needs to be here today, but at a completely different location tomorrow, we also take over the entire logistics chain. We always bear in mind factors such as construction time, costs and sustainability, while providing you with the optimum solution for your project. This is how we deliver the ideal solution for you, regardless of whether you are planning an exhibition pavilion, modular buildings for showrooms or a showroom pavilion.

Mobile, Flexible, Fast, and often Rather Spectacular

Modular structures and system components provide flexibility and maximum speed in assembly and disassembly and facilitate multiple uses in different locations of your choice. At the same time, innovative materials produce spectacular effects and a delightful architectural impression. Incidentally, a pavilion can be used in a variety of ways and, even as a provisional arrangement or temporary extension, it is often the most economical solution.

Pavilions for Every Purpose and Use

Pavilion construction: big ideas implemented in spectacular structures. The service life of pavilions for exhibitions, roadshows, brand presentations and other temporary solutions are limited. In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, they offer almost limitless possibilities in terms of shape, materials, construction, facade architecture and interior design.

Our Services

  • Pavilions and Exhibition Pavilions
  • Sponsor Pavilions
  • Country Pavilions for World Expos
  • Pavilions for Roadshows
  • Interim Solutions / Provisional Solutions


Country Pavilions for World Expos

An appearance at the World's Fair is a big deal; therefore, the role of the pavilion is altogether pivotal. As the star of the show, so to speak, it conveys the message. It conveys enthusiasm. A free-form type of pavilion gives architects, designers and scenographers maximum freedom in terms of construction, design, and material usage. The NUSSLI planners are experts in redefining the limits of feasibility; this was demonstrated by the success of our pavilion projects at the Shanghai, Milan and Astana Expos. Our planners support your project from the feasibility study and design planning phase, to project management and control, to operations during the Expo. In addition, they also help with exploring the potential of buildings or structures for reuse after the event.  Moreover, we identify and coordinate the demands and requirements of Expo Organizers, National Organizing Committees, institutions and companies, and other participating stakeholders.

Mobile Pavilions for Roadshows, Pop-up Stores and Shops

Isn't the fleeting and ephemeral character of pop-up stores and roadshows exactly what makes up their appeal? Traveling through time and space, these pavilions are high-quality but light and modular in construction, so they can be quickly assembled, dismantled and transported. They can be ready at the next location in no time at all. Logistics planning is a key aspect of the "Pavilion on the Road", which requires substantial know-how and experience. However, long before addressing the issues of transport, warehousing, interim storage and swapping out, we develop sustainability concepts, carry out site evaluations and initiate approval procedures. Within the overall scope of project management, we also undertake roadshow planning and event logistics, create samples or test setups, and prepare the event crew for their assignment with training and documentation.

Event and Promotional Exhibitions, Information Pavilions and Sponsor Pavilions

High numbers of visitors and a large media presence speak well of a corporate appearance at a major event. It is, therefore, important for the brand staging to be inviting and have public appeal. At the same time, the existing event concept must be taken into account, and special safety regulations must be adhered to. NUSSLI planners identify the ways in which these types of requirements and regulations can affect the project by means of a preliminary feasibility study with cost analysis. This creates clarity as to whether a modular or free-form pavilion would be more suitable and facilitates concept development. Along with scheduling, the feasibility study can aid in project, organizational and interface planning.

Provisional and Interim Solutions

Functional and yet flawlessly shaped; versatile while maintaining consistent architectural expression, and on top of that, insulated, air-conditioned, modular, inexpensive, adaptable, and durable. The demands for structures for temporary or interim solutions are countless. The possibilities for meeting these demands with temporary pavilions are, however, equally unlimited. Because of their economic efficiency and functionality, system or modular pavilions are ideal for a variety of purposes. Why not just ask for a scenario comparison with cost analysis as a sound basis for decision making? On request, we would also be happy to take over approval procedures, implementation planning and project management and control for you. Of course, we can manage all these tasks, while maintaining constant contact and exchanging ideas with your stakeholder groups and project stakeholders, such as architects, planners, museum operators, agencies, companies and many more. If the temporary structure should unexpectedly need to remain a bit longer, we would also be happy to include the maintenance, upgrade or adaptation.

Temporary Annexes, Extensions, and Facade Cladding

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Temporary solutions are often more cost-effective and, above all, more flexible than permanent structures. If you need space at short notice, but you don't know how long you will need it, you can use temporary annexes or extensions in the form of system or modular pavilions. Some advantages of this include flexible expansion and the possibility of the subsequent adaptation or even relocation of the structure. And, of course, quick planning and implementation. Your need for more space is our basis for comprehensive project management. Our project managers start by developing the concept; they plan and construct the extension and, if required, take care of the upkeep, including technical maintenance, as well as the sustainable disposal or reuse of the structure after the end of its service life.

Merger of NUSSLI and Adunic

With the merger of the two leading companies, NUSSLI and Adunic, in the premium segment for temporary buildings, we have consolidated one-of-a-kind know-how under our company roof.

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