Expo 2020 Dubai France Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai France Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie
Expo 2020 Dubai France Copyright NUSSLI Group keller-fotografie

France Pavilion, Expo 2020

Light in the Spotlight: France's "Light, Enlightenment" Pavilion. The French Pavilion at Expo 2020 is dedicated to the fastest moving element of all, light. NUSSLI Adunic constructs the scenography for the entire exhibition.

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The French Pavilion, with its 5100 square meters of constructed area and nearly 1200 square meters of gardens, is located in the "Mobility" zone on the Expo grounds in Dubai. It celebrates the French model of innovation that combines competitiveness and sustainable development. It is structured around the 3 bioclimatic pillars. 

“Dubai 2020 is an opportunity to promote a bold and optimistic vision for the world’s future. The French Pavilion will feature our expertise and focus on how we are harnessing digital technology to transform cities and regions.” 

Erik Linquier, Commissioner general for the French Pavilion

Interaction and Experience in Three Thematic Areas

More than 800 square meters of space inside the pavilion are devoted to light as the focal point of the exhibition. Visitors to the pavilion will experience sounds, lighting, scents and materials on their journey through the three thematic areas. 


The first space, "Immersion," engulfs visitors in a spatial atmosphere engulfed with light moods and sounds which they actively and creatively provoke through their own interactions. Sensors and detectors generate signals that control the light according to visitors' movements, and a lighthouse stands symbolically in the center. 


Perception is the theme of the second space in which various projections on 180 square meters of surface area incite people to move. Twelve mobile cabins of various sizes present different facets of the French vision of mobility in the air and in space, on water, on the earth and in the mind.


Finally, the third space, "Reflections," invites visitors on a journey through tradition and innovation landscapes. The France of yesterday, today and tomorrow is again presented in sound through "sound postcards." 

The pavilion's ground floor hosts temporary exhibitions, complemented by a 24-theme cultural program of conferences, demonstrations and round tables as well as artistic, scientific and concert performances. 

Scenography with Light

"What is more universal than light? We chose light as the common theme of the scenography and use it as the starting point for all the creative objectives of each project," explains Jean-Marie Priol, Creative Director and Scenography Manager of Immersive(s) Group.

The company Française des Expositions (COFREX) is in charge of the order for the French Pavilion. COFREX is cooperating with four ministries that will contribute to the development of the French Pavilion project. NUSSLI was commissioned by the (Immersive(s) Group) Scenography Team, consisting of Museum Manufactory/Anamnesia, Yann Kersalé & SNAIK, dUCKS scéno, ABM studio and Life Design Sonore, to construct the entire exhibition. 

More info: https://www.francedubai2020.com/en

About Expo 2020

Due to the corona pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai took place one year later. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the Expo gates were open in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It was the first World Expo to be held in an Arab and Muslim country. More than 190 countries and organizations presented themselves on the three thematic clusters Opportunities, Sustainability and Mobility, which together had the size of 610 football fields. Almost 25 million visitors, mostly from abroad, were at the Expo in Dubai.





Award Status Category
2A Veneration and Innovative Achievement Memorial Icon Award Specially Venerated Pavilions Innovative and Transformative Ideas in Architecture

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