The ground control station "The Ramp" in Engelberg
The ground control station "The Ramp" in Engelberg
The ground control station "The Ramp" in Engelberg

The Ramp, Engelberg

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Allianz came up with something very special for the start of the year: it shot the New Year's wishes of people all over the world into the universe as a light show. 

From the NUSSLI ramp straight into space: New Year's wishes fly into the universe

It leads to nowhere - at least at first glance: the imposing ramp in Engelberg. It was designed and built by NUSSLI, not as usual for ski jumping or any other daring event sport, but for a spectacular marketing idea of the Allianz Group. In the first week of January, the insurance specialists had thousands of New Year's wishes projected into the Alpine sky. These came from people all over the world. Each individual was informed when their wish would be launched into the universe and could follow the spectacle remotely via social media livestream. 

15 meters high, 5 meters wide and 25 meters long is the installation "The Ramp". It consisted of NUSSLI's in-house system material, 100% of which will be used again in other projects this year.

"To be catapulted into the new year in such a spectacular way is quite something. Also for us as event builders. With "The Ramp" we have shown that we can also compete in the marketing sector with a functional, visual and, above all, sustainable solution," says NUSSLI Senior Project Manager Alois Thoma happily, wishing for more exciting projects like this one. 



Award Status Category
XAVER Award Silver Best Consumer / POS Event


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