KTM Motohall
KTM Motohall
KTM Motohall

KTM Motohall

Motohall has become a new pilgrimage destination for motorcycle fans – the orange brand world is impressively staged here.

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During the construction period of roughly a year and a half, NUSSLI was responsible for the interior design of the entire museum with many custom-made items. An exhibition area of 2600 square meters on three floors introduces visitors to the stories behind motor sport heroes, the technology and innovation of their motorcycles and the spirit of KTM. Everything can be experienced up close with interactive displays and virtual tours.

A course guides visitors through the three exhibition levels and presents the brand's core values. They follow the design process from the initial draft to the finished product. Our massive mounts allow them to admire and even touch the original machines to their heart's content. 

Around 70 street and off-road bikes race on a banked bend built by NUSSLI and lead up to the exhibition's highlight, the "Heroes of Racing." This is where visitors encounter the most daring and successful drivers of all time. Over 200 original trophies can be admired floating in the air, which required a great deal of finesse to assemble. Last but not least, the people behind the brand speak about their passion for KTM and give the company a personal touch. 

A rookie course for young guests completes the exhibition tour. Across all exhibition levels, children can gain their own impressions and experiences and document their knowledge in a booklet that they can keep and take home with them.



Award Status Category
Focus Open Award Silber Architecture & Interior
Golden Award of Montreux Finalist Experiential Branding
Automotive Brand Contest best of best Architecture & Events
BranEx Award Gold Best Brand Architecture
German Design Award Auszeichnung Excellent Architecture - Fair and Exhibition
German Design Award Special Mention Excellent Architecture - Fair and Exhibition


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