Grandstands for Cycling World Cup in Mendrisio

World Road Cycling Championship, Mendrisio 2009: September 23-27, 2009

Nestled among Alpine peaks and beautiful lakes, the Mediterranean area around Mendrisio has always attracted cycling enthusiasts.

September 2009

After the Road World Championships in Lugano (1996) and the Mountain Bike World Cup on Monte Tamaro (2003), the elite of the cycling world will meet in Mendrisio from September 23 to 27, where  the impressive and challenging routes guarantee a superior race at the 2009 Road World Championships. The NUSSLI crew has been busy with the construction of the temporary infrastructure for this sporting occasion since early September. 
The construction of the VIP grandstand with 1,034 seats, the spectator grandstand with 616 seats and a press grandstand will be completed by September 10th. All three grandstands are covered. In addition, a stage for the awards ceremony, a 1,220 square meter base for tents, the finishing line portal and structures for camera towers, sound towers and LED monitors will be built partially along the racetrack within a radius of 20 kilometers around Mendrisio. The NUSSLI team is being supported by the military: Twenty soldiers are helping assemble a total of 315 metric tons of material under the guidance of our installation personnel. The work situation is also aggravated by the fact that the World Cup grounds are close to the very busy Mendrisio – Chiasso highway, and most of the structures have to be assembled at a distance of as little as one meter from the street.

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