Samsung Pavilion, IAAF 2009, Berlin
Samsung Pavilion, IAAF 2009, Berlin

Samsung Pavilion IAAF 2009, Berlin

Higher, faster, further - Sports stand for the passion to surpass oneself, to achieve maximum performance.

August 2009

Samsung has taken this motto to heart in its developments and is presenting its innovations in a pavilion built by NUSSLI at the IAAF World Athletics Championship in Berlin. The official sponsor is displaying a comparison of athletic performance with current technical products in its customized pavilion directly opposite the main entrance of the Olympic Stadium.
There, the public can see, among other things, the new generation of Samsung screens, of which alone 54 units have been installed. On the Pariser Platz, the 24 NUSSLI fitters and two project managers gave an impressive performance by assembling the 16 x 26 meter large pavilion in only six days. After three weeks of planning, eight semi-trailers of material were produced, transported and assembled. The distinctive feature of roof structure is that there are 13 metric tons of water are on the 286 square meter roof area for static reasons. The air-conditioned pavilion has been outfitted with a blue floor covering which was modeled on the track at the Olympic Stadium. From August 15th to 23rd, it was not only the top athletes who will be applauded in the stadium opposite; Samsung's pavilion 
is also enjoying a great deal of popularity among the spectators.

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