Tropenhaus Frutigen Greenhouse, Frutigen 2016
July 2016

Users intuitively find their own path through the exhibition and obtain information using the 80 objects, some of which are interactive, as well as with an audio guide and an app for the greenhouse.

NUSSLI was commissioned to realize the structural aspects of the 500 square meter exhibition according to concepts developed by the company T_Raumfahrt. In addition to production and assembly, the implementation also included execution and factory planning. The entire exhibition concept was designed with an immersive experience in mind, and featured four different narrators, each with their own perspective. A great deal of imagination, ideas, and know-how was required, as the innovative exhibition concept contained a number of extremely unusual structures for which NUSSLI did not yet have any templates or past experience.

Users intuitively find their own path through the exhibition.

It presents the relationship between the underwater world, laboratories, and the mountains by examining the topics of water, caviar, gourmet indulgence, energy, and the 80,000 Siberian sturgeon.

The experts in the NUSSLI production department were faced with the challenge of producing the wall vortices, display cases, free-standing objects, and the information boards. Subsequently, it was the assembly crew's turn to prove their skill and expertise by installing these special exhibition structures properly and in time for the opening date.