NUSSLI - 75 Years of Passion for Temporary Structures

We Have Reason to Celebrate!

In 2016, NUSSLI's jubilee year, we are celebrating 75 years of corporate history. It is a history characterized by innumerable projects which have helped us along the way, influencing our development and, above all, 75 years of passion for temporary structures.

July 2016

NUSSLI's development from a small workshop in eastern Switzerland to a global supplier of temporary structures was the result of a lot of courage, pioneering spirit and strategic vision. NUSSLI employees have always thought outside the box and sought out challenges both individually and together in teamwork. Because of this, they have contributed to NUSSLI's development.  During the 2016 jubilee year, we will celebrate our achievements along with clients and partners. But above all, we expect our jubilee year to be the starting point for even more innovation and additional comprehensive services in the future. We look forward to updating you on our upcoming jubilee activities.

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