Big Air,, Zurich – Daredevil Stunts, Flips and Jumps at the Landiwiese in Zurich is the largest freestyle sporting event in Europe.

September 2009

From September 25-27, 2009, the world's best snowboarders, freeskiers, FMX pilots and skateboarders demonstrated the most daring stunts, flips and jumps and fought for the coveted "freestyle.champ" and «crossover.champ" titles. This year once again, NUSSLI created the impressive, 34 meter high Big Air Snowramp, the centerpiece of the entire system at the Landiwiese in Zurich. 
Twenty-four workers were occupied with the construction of the ramp for a total of 1,000 work hours. The load-bearing capacity of the structure was a major consideration to ensure safety in this project. Based on the weight of 900 kilograms per cubic meter for "ultra-heavy" snow, this weight was calculated using a safety factor of 1.5; the system would therefore theoretically be capable of bearing one and a half times that amount of snow.

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