World's largest seesaw
World's largest seesaw

World's largest seesaw

A giant seesaw stood in the middle of Zurich on Turbinenplatz and was the start of the creative voting campaign in favor of a balanced pensions insurance (AHV).

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The 30.42 meters tall and thus world's largest, in Swiss german, "Gigampfi" was intended to symbolize how important it is to keep the Swiss social security system in balance in the future. The functional seesaw offered space for three people on each side, whose goal was to bring the "Gigampfi" into balance by shifting their own weight.

The creative campaign idea of the Evoq agency was implemented by the NUSSLI metal workshop using almost exclusively recyclable materials. NUSSLI's own system material, which is used repeatedly for stages, grandstands and other event structures, was used. With a good portion of creativity, it quickly becomes the largest seesaw in the world.



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