Exhibition furniture at the Jewish Museum Berlin
Double conical showcases in a curved showcase line at the Jewish Museum Berlin
Cinema at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

Since August 2020, the Jewish Museum in Berlin (JMB) has had a new permanent exhibition. NUSSLI was actively involved in the structural implementation of this multifaceted and interactive exhibition and was responsible for various showcases and exhibition furniture as well as the cinema and the "Debate Room on Anti-Semitism."

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Across more than 3,500 square meters, the new permanent exhibition presents Jewish history and Jewish current life in Germany. The exhibition is divided into five epochs and eight thematic rooms. The exhibit presents original objects, audiovisual media, virtual reality, art installations, as well as contemporary hands-on stations. 

For some of the more than 1,000 objects on display, the NUSSLI team planned and produced a wide variety of display cases and exhibition furniture on the second floor of the JMB. The task was to implement everything in the highest quality, from classic wall and all-glass showcases to tall showcases with fabric cladding to double-conical showcases in a curved showcase line. 


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