Fête des Vignerons
Fête des Vignerons
Fête des Vignerons

Fête des Vignerons

The winemakers of western Switzerland celebrate a festival Fêtes des Vignerons (Winegrowers' Festival) once every generation. And what a festival it was! Roughly 800,000 visitors were hosted by the municipality of Vevey. Presentations and shows, parades and culinary delights thrilled visitors for nearly a month. NUSSLI constructed the spectacular arena with 20,000 grandstand seats.

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NUSSLI has now contributed to the success of the great festival for the third time; the other times were in 1977 and 1999.  The event contractor planned and constructed the arena for 20,000 spectators in close cooperation with organizer Confrèrie des Vignerons, Daniele Finzi Pasca and Hugo Gargiulo . The extraordinary arena was already finished by mid-May, so there was enough time for the installation of lighting and sound as well as for the rehearsals.

Arena in the Clouds

The grandstand was extraordinary, not least because it stood on a grillage made of steel girders almost six meters in height. "The top-tier spectators are nearly 20 meters above the ground," said Peter Tanner, COO of Events NUSSLI Group, adding, "This allows them to enjoy an unrestricted view of the action on stage. For us, on the other hand, this special structure was a challenge to assemble, and it required highly sophisticated material logistics." 

Grandstand in the Grapevines – An Unusual Look

Inside and out, the grandstand facility took on the appearance of grapevines. Colorful canvas webs in the colors of grapevines – red, yellow, green, and brown – were stretched across the metal framework at regular intervals. These webs formed the simple, but very effective, cladding. And even in the layout of the grandstand facility, one could discern vineyards with the grandstand seats standing in as grapevines. 

Sustainable, Far-Sighted Design

Like the organizers of the last two Fêtes des Vignerons, the current organizing committee also decided on a temporary structure by NUSSLI. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the construction systems contributed to this decision. And today, as then, the grandstand facility scored, because it could be completely dismantled, and the grandstand elements would be used for other projects several times over the next few months. This means that the system is sustainable and that the next generation will again have full freedom of design for their own Fête des Vignerons.



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