FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017
NUSSLI is the official supplier for the 2017 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz

Weather Is a Crucial Factor in Winter Sports Events

With one week to go until the FIS 2017 Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Project Director Otmar Keller from the event contractor NUSSLI is keeping a close eye on the wind and snow conditions: “The weather is both the central factor and the wild card during assembly work. Strong wind makes construction work difficult, or even makes it completely impossible under certain circumstances. And the snow requires enormous flexibility on the part of the team — both when there is too much of it, but also when there is none at all.”

February 2017

Snowfall determines time of assembly

Already back in October 2016, the team installed the finish arena with 5,000 spectator seats. Project Director Keller chose such an early date in order to be able to assemble the temporary structures quickly and without hindrance. Now, shortly after the new year has begun, the stage in Kulmpark and the substructures for commentator boxes, TV studios, and the video screen have also been set up.

Spectators will be able to watch the best athletes in the world from start to finish — as befits a World Championship event. The weather is also crucial for the construction of the 30 camera towers. It is only once the final course of the race track has been planned in light of the snow and weather conditions that the NUSSLI project team will perform the assembly of the camera towers using a helicopter. This will allow millions of spectators to experience the event live as the athletes plunge onto the race track in ‘free fall’.


Marike van der Ben

Marike van der Ben

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