Picture: Successful Closure of Expo 2017 Astana
Picture: Successful Closure of Expo 2017 Astana
Picture: Successful Closure of Expo 2017 Astana

Successful Closure of Expo 2017 Astana

Two days after the official closing ceremony of Expo 2017 Astana the dismantling of the pavilions in Kazakhstan's capital city is already in full swing. NUSSLI reflects on a successful world exhibition and takes stock of the results. Aside from impressed visitors and satisfied clients, the exhibition constructor has already received the inital accolades for one of its projects.

September 2017

"Energy for the Future" is the slogan of Expo Astana, which opened its doors this year on June 10. Over the past three months, the former provincial city of Astana has been transformed into a global hub of imposing buildings and architectural uniqueness. The Kazakh capital city even developed a new city district for hosting the world exposition. At the center of the Expo grounds is a 91-meter high illuminated glass sphere, the exhibition's landmark. The lights from the glass "sphere" have now been extinguished once more and the dismantling of the entire grounds is in full swing. The organizers are reflecting on the past three successful months, underscored by more than 3.8 million visitors.

International Customers Rely on Swiss Quality
Teams representing NUSSLI are also on site to restore the five buildings to their original condition. Kazakhstan itself was uncharted territory for the international company prior to Expo Astana, which is why preparations in Astana began early, to be precise in June 2015. By virtue of establishing an official branch office in Astana, the exhibition and pavilion constructor laid the foundation for prospective projects in Kazakhstan. Shortly afterwards the search for local partners and suppliers was initiated. Today, more than two years later, NUSSLI is reflecting on a positive outcome. The mammoth undertaking was well worth the effort. On the strength of targeted preparation in terms of the nation and its citizens, NUSSLI successfully acquired five new international clients: In addition to the pavilions for China, UK and the Vatican, NUSSLI was awarded the contract of the partner pavilions for Shell and Air Astana. A glance at the visitor count indicates that its clients can also be satisfied with NUSSLI's services. In addition the Shell pavilion was one of the most frequently visited pavilions at Expo Astana. The pavilion for the United Kingdom was likewise notable and garnered the BIE Silver Award in the category "Exhibition Design", as well as the distinction of "Honorable Mention" from the EXHIBITOR Magazine's Expo 2017 Awards.

Sustainable Usage of Resources
In line with the slogan, "Energy for the Future", for the countries showcased in this year's world exposition the economic usage of resources plays an integral role. The various nations combined modern installations with cutting-edge technology. Consequently, the use of sustainable materials as well as resource-conserving and efficient technologies also play a significant role. To this end, a large portion of the structures used in the exhibition will be re-used after the dismantling process - for instance, the facade of the Vatican pavilion. Furthermore, a large part of the wooden Shell pavilion will also be recycled once it is dismantled.

The Kazakhstan Journey Continues
NUSSLI is not in a rush to pull up its stakes in Kazakhstan after the Expo in Astana. Initial inquiries have already been received, thus the Kazakhstan journey for NUSSLI continues. In the temporary construction business the end of one Expo is the beginning of the next Expo. While the dismantling process is underway in Astana, experts at NUSSLI already have their sights set on the next world exposition in Dubai in 2020.


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