Building over standing spaces with seats
Building over standing spaces with seats
Building over standing spaces with seats

Ready for the Return of the Fans?

Sports clubs are currently working hard on a concept to bring as many spectators as possible back to their stadia – while also complying with the rules and regulations. The NUSSLI Group is assisting them in this endeavor. 

September 2020

NUSSLI offers the clubs infrastructure which enables sporting events with fans to take place despite the COVID-19 pandemic and also helps ensure security. A current example of this is the building over of existing concrete steps, which are actually "reserved" for the fans in the standing area, with seats. 

The creation of additional entrances to the stadia, which allow for targeted routing, as well as escape routes, is also part of NUSSLI's range of services and is more crucial than ever. In order to avoid large crowds, spectators must be guided into and out of the stadium in a targeted and transparent manner. This is done, for example, by means of bridges and stairs, which can also be used by staff or security personnel. 

Other NUSSLI infrastructure includes boxes integrated into the grandstands, media seats and camera platforms, as well as sector dividers and fences which allow different areas to be separated and ensure that the distances between spectators are maintained. 

Project reference

Icehockey club SC Bern changes one standing sector into a seating sector (Movie  [language German]) 


Do you need temporary infrastructures? Do not hesitate and contact us. We are happy to find a temporary solution for your sporting event. 

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