Picture: The UK-Pavilion offers a 360° panorama
Picture: China Pavilion with the theme «Future Energy, Green Silk Road.»
Picture: The Vatican Pavilion was opened by Cardinal Peter Turkson.

NUSSLI's pavilion constructions are ready for the Expo

Just in time for the grand opening of the Astana Expo 2017, NUSSLI completed construction work on a total of five pavilions on June 10. After a three-month construction phase in Astana, the international event and exhibition stand constructor is looking back at its accomplishments. NUSSLI was already on location months before the first on-site inspections of the Expo premises, founded a dedicated project office in Astana, and established a network of local suppliers. These preparations paid off: The clients are satisfied and the results are very impressive!

June 2017

A total of 115 countries and organizations are addressing the issue of the sustainable use of limited resources by participating in this specially themed world fair in Astana. They all want their Expo pavilion to leave a lasting impression on the visitors. NUSSLI is providing five participants — the UK, China, Vatican, Shell, and Air Astana — with an unforgettable presentation.

Targeted preparation for the country and its people

Kazakhstan isn’t a county most people would choose to visit. In the beginning, the landlocked state was also uncharted territory for NUSSLI. The Astana Expo 2017 is the first project the event and exhibition stand constructor has implemented here. Carsten Nadler is the Key Account Manager for the Expo projects in Astana and dealt intensively with Kazakh culture and mentality. He is fully aware of the challenges posed by this major ‘Expo’ project and knows exactly what is needed to achieve success. “Things are a bit different in Kazakhstan than back home. Thanks to our over 15 years of Expo experience, we were able to specifically prepare for the country and its people,” said Nadler. NUSSLI benefited greatly from having a local Expo project office and a network of local suppliers and partners that the internationally operating company established well in advance of the planning phase. “That way, we were able to recruit organizations and countries which we had never worked with before,” Carsten Nadler emphasized.

Close cooperation with clients is the key to success

“In our projects, we operate in an environment characterized by international competition. It is therefore essential to understand a project as an integrated process and to work in close cooperation with the client. Every step of the planning process, all the logistical parameters, the assembly and disassembly — all of this takes place in permanent coordination with the client.” Carsten Nadler is convinced that a trusting and close working relationship with the clients is the main reason that five construction projects were completed on schedule before the opening of the Expo, whereas many other countries and businesses struggled to finish on time.

Sustainable use of limited resources

In line with the motto "Energy of the future", the participating states and organizations are addressing the issue of the sustainable use of limited resources and engaging with core themes such as CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, and energy supply. The first Central Asian world fair is not lacking superlatives: Five million expected visitors, exhibition premises spanning a total of 174 hectares, and no less than 3000 scheduled events for the 93 days of the Expo.


Marike van der Ben

Marike van der Ben

Head of Marketing & Communication
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