Picture: Already in 2017 NUSSLI realized the Škoda trade fair booth at Geneva Motor Show.

NUSSLI and AMBROSIUS built three Trade Fair Booths at 88th Geneva Motor Show

For the 88th time, the automobile is being celebrated in Geneva. Over a total exhibition area of 102,000 square meters, around 700 brands are showcasing the first new European automobile products and innovations of the year — including Škoda, Seat and Volkswagen. The automobile manufacturers are presenting itselfs with a new exhibition stand, built by NUSSLI and AMBROSIUS.

March 2018

From March 8-18, the Palexpo convention center is opening its doors for the 88th iteration of the Geneva International Motor Show. A total of approx. 700,000 visitors are expected. In addition to several product debuts, hot new developments in the electric and hybrid vehicle sectors are being presented this year.

Once again, NUSSLI realized Škoda's exhibition appearance as a turnkey solutions provider. Škoda's exhibition stand this year is a double-story structure that impresses with its new design characterized by plain colors and unique shapes. This year, also Seat and Volkswagen relied on the exhibition construction expertise of NUSSLI and AMBROSIUS.

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