Directly in front of the ETH on the Polyterrasse, NUSSLI built another “Brainstorm Room” from MoMoCUBES.
On the Paradeplatz in the center of Zurich, one of three locations was created from the MoMoCUBES.
An additional location for the InCube project was set up in front of the Landesmuseum.

MoMoCubes for the InCube Challenge

Three teams at three locations worked on three issues in each of the future topics of education, traffic and finance at the InCube Challenge from October 6-9. NUSSLI created the so-called “Brainstorm Rooms” for the event using the MoMoCUBES.

October 2017

For the InCube Challenge, two connected MoMoCUBES each formed a “Brainstorm Room.” The modular MoMoCUBE system, which is based on a 20-foot container, can be customized according to the customer’s needs and adapted to the event. In this case, the organization opted for all-round glass MoMoCUBES. As a result, the space was visible from all sides and the teams could be observed from the outside as they developed their ideas – day and night, all weekend long.

The Entrepreneur Club of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich launched this initiative and invited students at Swiss universities to apply. The aim was to end up with three mixed teams from different disciplines, who would then work together to develop innovative and interdisciplinary solutions on the various topics.

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