Bigger, faster: the eight-court gymnasium in Monheim has been erected

In spring 2023, total contractor NUSSLI began construction of Europe's first eight-court sports hall in Monheim am Rhein. After less than a year of construction, those involved in the pioneering project celebrated the topping-out ceremony on February 26.

February 2024

The ultra-modern eight-court sports hall is part of a comprehensive plan to redesign the Berliner Ring school center. The construction method, which combines NUSSLI's expertise in temporary construction with prefabricated modular elements, allows the large-scale project to grow rapidly in height. And as planned, the unique sports hall will be completed and available for sports activities after the 2024 summer vacations.


The rising walls and columns were completed in reinforced concrete before the end of 2023. Construction of the outbuilding was completed before Christmas and work began on the basic structure for the sports hall roof on January 8, 2024. The last of the roof structure's trusses, which are up to 30 meters long, will be installed at the end of February. This will complete the construction of the almost 19-meter-high structure. The interior fittings and façade work will now follow.

Short construction time

The rapid implementation of the construction project was an important aspect from the outset. After all, while the pupils are learning on the campus, construction is taking place next door. The construction phase had to be kept as short as possible to minimize disruption to ongoing school operations and traffic. 

NUSSLI planned the sports hall efficiently with as many prefabricated components as possible. Around 600 elements for the walls, ceilings, roof and façade were prefabricated from wood alone. Special measures were required for the supports and structures in the lower area of the sports hall, which are made of steel and concrete. The elements, some of which were very heavy - prefabricated columns weighing 18 tons and prestressed concrete trusses weighing 41 tons each - had to be delivered by heavy goods vehicles and set down on site using a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of up to 700 tons. In fact, the Berliner Ring, via which the enormous components were delivered, could be used again after a two-week closure. 

In addition, processes such as the production of the wall and ceiling elements could take place on site in parallel with the shell construction work. This significantly reduced the construction time. In addition, the team from NUSSLI Germany is adhering to the detailed construction schedule. "By recognizing deviations and potential bottlenecks at an early stage, we can take effective countermeasures and achieve the short construction time," explains Udo Baader, Head of Project Management Special Projects at NUSSLI Germany. The effort was worth it: the time saved by the prefabricated construction method compared to the solid construction method is around six months.

Largest sports hall in Europe

The new sports facility in Monheim is the first in Europe to offer around 4,400 m2 of pure sports space with two 4-court gyms in the basement and first floor as well as sports and gymnastics rooms on the upper floors. A further 3,000 m2 of space will be used for changing rooms, technical facilities and access. All eight fields can be used individually or connected to form two large quadruple halls on each level, depending on requirements. A retractable grandstand with 500 seats in the basement and a further 100 seats on the first floor is also planned.

This will turn the sports hall into a meeting place for sport and leisure and offer both the school and clubs a high degree of flexibility for smaller and larger events. With its considerable dimensions, the sports hall also makes a statement in terms of urban planning and yet blends in well with its surroundings. This is because the entire building is lowered so that the lower sports hall with the telescopic grandstand is five meters below ground level.

Well on schedule

In a challengingly short time of 18 months in total, the record-breaking hall is to be built from the ground-breaking ceremony to commissioning. With the topping-out ceremony, NUSSLI has achieved another target date within this ambitious schedule. As here in Monheim am Rhein or in Munich for the Isarphilharmonie concert hall, NUSSLI is increasingly using its expertise in temporary construction for building projects that will remain in place permanently. This is because the efficient construction method with prefabricated building elements made from high-quality materials guarantees rapid construction progress with high building quality.

Satisfied customers

The town of Monheim am Rhein is delighted. Mayor Daniel Zimmermann: "The pace is impressive. We are actually still so close to the schedule for this major construction project, which was ambitious from the outset, that we will probably be able to put the hall into operation as early as October. You won't even be able to tell from the outside that Europe's largest sports hall is being built here, because we are also going inside the site for the construction. In future, anyone entering the new building from Berliner Ring at ground level will have the grandstand and the entire lower part of the hall underneath them. A very beautiful and successful plan that we are implementing with strong partners. And a quantum leap not only for school sports in the 'Capital for Children', but also for club sports, as events for several hundred visitors will be possible in our new sports hall in the future. A benefit for the whole city."

Building board

Total transferee                                   NUSSLI Group
Architects                                              asp Architekten GmbH, Stuttgart
Statics/structural engineering        Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Stuttgart    
Technical building equipment        Ingenieurplanungen Gebäudetechnik GmbH Herzner und Schröder, Gunzenhausen
Fire protection                                     Corall Ingenieure GmbH, Meerbusch-Osterath
Building physics Acoustics                Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH, Planegg/Munich
Building physics Energy                     energieberatung frei GmbH & Co. KG
Timber construction                           Schlosser Holzbau GmbH, Jagstzell


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