Openair Frauenfeld
Openair Frauenfeld
Openair Frauenfeld

Openair Frauenfeld

The greatest stars of the hip hop scene come together every year at Openair Frauenfeld, the largest hip hop festival in Europe. From 2015, NUSSLI constructed a 135 meter long skyline stage with a height of up to 24 meters and two integrated platforms, so that fans could enjoy the concert continuously with no breaks.

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Openair Frauenfeld is the largest open-air music festival in German-speaking Switzerland. Although it premiered as a rock festival in 1985, it has become increasingly oriented toward hip hop during the last decade. The greatest stars of the hip hop scene have been performing here for years. True fans of the genre would never dream of missing these four days.

NUSSLI has been making its contribution to the smooth success of Openair Frauenfeld with event infrastructure since the beginnings of the festival. The structures for which NUSSLI is responsible include the stage, VIP area, pedestrian bridges and video platforms. In 2015, Openair Frauenfeld astounded its audience with an enormous skyline stage reminiscent of the Bronx which festival visitors could walk on.

Every year, it takes about one month for the NUSSLI crew to complete the various structures, while disassembly and removal just take a few days.


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