Impressions Lake Thun Festival
Impressions Lake Thun Festival
Lake Thun Festival 2012 - "Titanic"

Lake Thun Festival

The Lake Thun Festival is among the top 10 open-air theater events in Europe. For the past 17 years, musicals from around the world and original productions have been presented here in front of an amazing natural backdrop. NUSSLI has been on hand for this event since the beginning and provides customized event infrastructure, from the stage to the sponsors' platform.

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The Lake Thun stage rises from the water against the breathtaking panorama of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains in the Bernese Oberland. World-class performances such as "Aida - The Musical" and "Alfa Romeo" attract more than 70,000 visitors to Lake Thun every year. On hand since the beginning of the Lake Thun Festival, NUSSLI has assumed annual responsibility for managing the construction of the stage with an integrated orchestra pit, a grandstand, and a sponsors' platform as well as stage direction with a VIP platform for the open-air theater.

Every year, the assembly crew has to dive into Lake Thun, as the structures are built in up to two meters of water. The total area in the water is 4,500 square meters.

The task also includes the construction of a 2,700 seat grandstand, the 480-square-meter sponsors' platform, and the 140-square-meter stage direction and VIP platform at a dizzying height of 19 meters. Nearly 500 tons of material are installed by the 20-member assembly crew in only three and a half weeks.




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