Domstufen Festspiele Erfurt Edelhoff Theater Erfurt

Domstufen Festival, Erfurt

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Against the gorgeous backdrop of the 700-year-old St. Mary's Cathedral, the "Domstufen-Festspiele" Theatre Festival attracts several thousand visitors every year to what is probably the most beautiful open-air stage in Thuringia. Since 2012, NUSSLI has been repeatedly tasked with the construction of the complete event structures in the heart of Erfurt's old town.

For "The Maid of Orleans", Nussli was explicitly asked to create a slightly more extravagant stage for the 2021 festival year. The stage set was an oversized wave. To create the structure for the wave, we simply rotated the system of our dome stage by 90°, thus demonstrating very impressively what can be done with the NUSSLI dome stage.

The NUSSLI team also erected the grandstand for roughly 2,000 spectators as well as light towers and a platform for the sound and technical equipment.





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