Construction of temporary grandstands for the 2023 World Championships in Athletics in the new National Athletics Centre
After the event, the temporary upper tier will be removed and a public leisure park will be created on the plateau.

This is how stadium construction works today

This is how stadium construction works today: The "National Athletics Center" for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2023 is being built in Budapest not as an end in itself, but as part of a modern urban planning vision.

October 2022

The new stadium is being built on the former Vituki industrial estate on the banks of the Danube. This will be sustainably redeveloped with the construction of the stadium.

For the World Championships in Athletics next year, the stadium will be large with 35,000 spectator seats. After the World Championships, it will simply be made smaller again and suitable for more everyday sports and cultural events. And the freed-up space will be turned into a public sports and leisure park. This was planned from the very beginning – foresighted and sustainable, and at the same time economical. Because our intelligent temporary structures are so flexible that they can be dismantled and, if necessary, expanded again without any problems. 

We are managing this prime example of sustainability in event construction as general contractor.

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