Europe's first eight-segment gymnasium is now being built in Monheim am Rhein. Construction will begin in the spring 23.
Image interior view of the eight-sport hall

The first eight-segment sports hall in Europe

Many sports halls can be divided into three, four, five or even six hall segments. Eight, on the other hand, are exceptional. Europe's first eight-segment gymnasium is now being built in Monheim am Rhein. Construction will begin in the spring of 2023 with NUSSLI as total contractor.

November 2022

The state-of-the-art eight-court gymnasium is being built on the site of a school center and is part of an entire plan of measures to reorganize the school site. Four hall units will be arranged on each of two levels, which can be interconnected as needed. Sports operations can thus take place in eight individual hall segments as well as in two quadruple halls. A grandstand with 500 seats is planned for spectators.

Making things go faster: know-how from temporary construction

To ensure orderly school operations, the work is to be completed as quickly as possible. Constructing the large building using conventional methods would have taken too long for the people responsible. For this reason, the city of Monheim awarded the contract for the construction of the complex building to NUSSLI. Architects and planners have long known NUSSLI as a temporary construction specialist whose know-how is increasingly in demand for permanent construction, especially when things have to happen quickly. NUSSLI's fast-track construction approach and high-quality materials guarantee sustainable construction quality for the new hall, which will still be used for gymnastics decades from now.

Strong as a team

NUSSLI is supervising the construction of the new eight-court sports hall as total contractor together with asp Architekten GmbH (architecture), Schlaich Bergermann Partner (supporting structure), Ingenieurbüro Herzner und Schröder (technical building equipment), and Corall Ingenieure GmbH (fire protection). For the detailed planning, specialist expertise was brought in from energieberatung frei (building physics energy) and Akustik Müller-BBM (building physics acoustics).

Project manager Udo Baader says: "Many of our projects are special buildings that have never been seen before. We know of eight-unit halls in the USA and China, but in Europe, we are building the first – ultra-modern and perfectly equipped from a technical point of view. A premiere like this is always something special. We're looking forward to it and to working with everyone involved."


Marike van der Ben

Marike van der Ben

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