Rendering Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock and East Harmon Zone
Construction Beginn: Race Fever in Las Vegas: NUSSLI in Pole Position
Construction Beginn: Race Fever in Las Vegas: NUSSLI in Pole Position

Race Fever in Las Vegas: NUSSLI in Pole Position

From November 16 to 18, 2023, the Formula 1 circus will be back in Las Vegas after more than 40 years. For the races through the world capital of entertain-ment, NUSSLI is supplying the start-finish area with five grandstands with around 30,000 seats and an exclusive VIP area for over 5,000 guests.

September 2023

In about two months, the world-famous Las Vegas Strip will be filled with the sound of roaring gates and tens of thousands of fans of sleek racing cars. After two editions in the 1980s, the Formula 1 race will once again take place in Las Vegas on a spectacular new street circuit – with NUSSLI as an experienced partner for the grandstand infrastructure.

The Starting Shot Has Been Fired

The first material containers have arrived at the construction site in Las Vegas. 140,000 individual system components – a total of 1,250 tons of material for the main grandstand alone – will be gradually assembled by a highly experienced team in just a few weeks. The main grandstand will extend over 325 meters on the start-finish straight, with mainly premium seats. The rearmost row of seats is located at a lofty height of 18 m. NUSSLI's contract also includes a 250 m long VIP area with a double-decker hospitality tent, which will be installed on a 14 m high platform at the rear of the grandstand and guarantee the best possible view of the race action.

High Heat and Complex Logistics

The NUSSLI project team has already started with the construction work because the spectacular event construction has to be completed and handed over to the customer on November 1. Currently, the logistics and coordination of the approximately 100 containers with brand-new material as well as the high temperatures during the construction are the big challenges that the team has to master. But NUSSLI's managers also had to solve tricky tasks much earlier as part of the Formula 1 project. For example, reliable partners and additional human resources had to be found in the USA in order to build up a local project organization not only for 2023, but also for subsequent years.

Ecological and Social Responsibility

In line with the growing demands for sustainability in the event industry, NUSSLI attaches particular importance to environmentally friendly and social aspects of the project. For example, the majority of the materials used have already been used at other events. In addition, local suppliers and partners will be involved in the construction process as much as possible to maximize local value creation. With these measures, NUSSLI aims not only to provide a smooth event and a first-class spectator experience, but also to have a positive long-term impact on society.


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