BMW Festival 100 Years
BMW Festival 100 Years
BMW Festival 100 Years

NUSSLI Builds One of Europe’s Largest Stages

Centennial anniversary on a giant stage built by NUSSLI in the Olympiastadion in Munich.

September 2016

The BMW Group contract was for a stage that cars could drive onto, with two rotating platforms and decorative walls on the sides. The dimensions were enormous: The entire built-to-order structure measured 114 x 28 meters—the stage alone was 50 meters long, 18 meters wide, and 20 meters high. Furthermore, the five meter-high stage banner was a particular structural challenge, which made this custom structure particularly complex.

BMW wanted the stage entirely in white, with a premium look. Using the Typico system, the project team was able to meet all these expectations. Thanks to a newly developed fastening technique, the Typico system can completely and seamlessly cover the NUSSLI all-round system material. The premium facade cladding delivered high-end results with a clean look.

NUSSLI impressed its client by offering the services requested at short notice and from a single source—from the materials and equipment to the experience of its employees.

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