Mexican Grand Prix
Mexican Grand Prix
Mexican Grand Prix

Formula 1 GP of Mexico

Formula One stars from around the world will be racing once again from October 28-30, 2016 in Mexico City. For this year’s edition of the Mexican GP, the organizers have set themselves the goal of beating their record of 350,000 spectators—with grandstands by NUSSLI.

October 2016

Last year, the GP returned to Mexico after an absence of 23 years and was a great success: No less than 336,000 visitors were recorded during the days that the races were held. Therefore, the Mexican Grand Prix counts as one of the most-visited races in the entire 2015 Formula One season, second only to the legendary GP in Silverstone.

With a five-year contract, NUSSLI’s task is to implement the construction of  all temporary grandstands and VIP areas, thus contributing significantly  to the event’s success. NUSSLI’s flexible grandstand system even makes it possible to build grandstands within curves. This saves space and adds more capacity. We will be assembling a total of 12,690 grandstands and three VIP zones for 2,000 Formula One fans.

A new feature this year is the seating concept, which provides different grandstand packages for different spectator groups. For example, the  grandstand at the end of a long straightaway is made for «speed lovers», because this is where the speed screeches down from 360 kph to 100 kph, while those who love the ambience of the race will take their seats in the baseball stadium with a good view of the racetrack and the award ceremony.

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