In keeping with the event taking place, 45,000 LED lights illuminate the facade.
Each LED light can be individually controlled via computer.
Baku Crystal Hall

Glamorous Setting for the Eurovision Song Contest

At the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 26 in Baku, it remains to be seen which of the 42 participating nations will have most popular song.

May 2012

NUSSLI has already made its contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest. In cooperation with Alpine Bau Germany AG, NUSSLI was commissioned as the general contractor for the construction of the Crystal Hall. The building, which is the size of an entire football arena, was designed entirely as a steel structure and holds up to 25,000 spectators. In the eight short months available for planning and construction, a multi-functional arena, the Crystal Hall, which will serve the city as a prime venue for a variety of events for many years to come,  was created in Baku. Its extraordinary crystalline exterior appearance is due to its outer shell membrane. Equipped with a total of 64,400 LED lamps, an ambience can be created to match any event.

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