Electric Love Festival 2016: NUSSLI Builds Austria's Largest Electronic Music Festival.
Electric Love Festival 2016: NUSSLI Builds Austria's Largest Electronic Music Festival.
Electric Love Festival 2016: NUSSLI Builds Austria's Largest Electronic Music Festival.

Electric Love Festival 2016: NUSSLI Builds Austria's Largest Electronic Music Festival

Stage landscapes pose a particular set of challenges when it comes to materials and structural requirements, which is why they are an art form in festival construction. NUSSLI is one of the few stage contractors in the world which possesses both the competency and the capacity for these types of special structures. The Electric Love Festival, which lasted from July 7–9, 2016, is the most well-known electronic open air festival in Europe, and was proud to present a particularly sophisticated stage structure this year. Having worked together with the organizers since the festival's beginnings, this was already the third time that NUSSLI had realized a stage landscape on this scale. In just ten days, the team utilized around 500 metric tons of material to provide 45,000 visitors at the Salzburgring with an unforgettable festival experience.

August 2016

Thanks to the excellent international collaboration within the group, NUSSLI continually succeeds at completing even challenging assignments with extremely tight deadlines on time. The order for the construction of the Electric Love Festival was placed just four weeks before the beginning of the festival. In addition, the weather also complicated construction work with constant thunderstorms. Furthermore, the required materials had to be transported from branch offices in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany in the middle of the peak season.

When the Electric Love Festival finally opened its doors on July 7, 70 metric tons of material had been used for the construction of the Q-Dance area alone. The stage of the Q-Dance area was a special structure that was 33.5 m wide, 18 m deep, and up to 22 m tall. But the main area was even bigger: Around 370 metric tons of material were used for this section to create a stage that was 23 m high, 76 m wide, and 24 m deep for an extraordinary aesthetic experience. Furthermore, there were also VIP platforms, the "Starclub", a staging hall, and numerous smaller structures such as towers.

In order to be able to realize structures that were that big and high, the components were mostly built on the ground, after which they were raised using a crane and assembled.  Despite this, scaffolding of this type stretches the structural limits of the materials used, making them one of the most difficult structures of all to construct. In order to ensure the stability of the structures up to a wind speed of 100 km/h, almost 300 metric tons of ballast had to be employed.

The dismantling work was equally speedy, taking only four days and setting a new record. The materials were then loaded onto separate vehicles right at the construction site to be transported to three different projects in three different countries.

NUSSLI provides a suitable event system for every event and realizes stages and backdrops in all conceivable shapes, designs, and on all scales — on all types of terrain. Each and every stage is tailored to the client's requirements. They are the ideal support structures for unusual sets and heavy equipment, and provide maximum design flexibility. NUSSLI's greatest priority is safety, and each stage meets the most stringent safety requirements, even if they are located in water or on sand. Thanks to strategically placed branch offices around the world, our materials arrive on site quickly — as do our experienced staff members, who can meet any delivery date even with tight deadlines and provide top performance under any weather conditions.


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