100 Days Until the Expo Opens – the 10 NUSSLI Pavilions are on Track

100 Days Until the Expo Opens – the 10 NUSSLI Pavilions are on Track

One year later than originally planned, Expo 2020 will be opening its doors in 100 days. Of the total of around 200 exhibition pavilions, those of 10 countries will be realized using know-how and extensive Expo experience from NUSSLI.

June 2021

Centered on the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", around 200 countries, organizations, companies, and educational institutions will be presenting their ideas on how to overcome global challenges in their pavilions. Currently, the odds are good that the world expo will be able to commence on October 1 in Dubai. Optimism is also in the air on the NUSSLI construction sites: Construction of the ten pavilions is proceeding entirely according to plan, despite the difficult circumstances of the past year. The project crews place great value on compliance with measures for the protection of health. This has now paid off. The pavilions for Baden-Württemberg, Belarus, China, Germany, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Monaco and Austria will be completed on time for the opening.

Experience, preparation and a network are the recipe for success

20 years ago, NUSSLI built its first world expo pavilion in Hanover. Since then, 35 ((check)) more Expo structures followed in the 6 subsequent world expos. On the vast Expo construction site covering an area of 600 football fields, NUSSLI has been represented with its very own custom Expo project organization facilities since 2018. This allowed the teams to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the on-site situation early on. These preparations simplify planning for the project representatives by e.g. allowing them to optimize materials procurement, personnel deployment, and the exchange of know-how. 

In addition to experience and preparation, the way the project teams operate is a major part of this Swiss event and construction company's recipe for success. "Forward planning, cultural understanding, and the constant exchange of ideas within and between teams are important principles we cultivate", explains Harald Dosch, COO for Special Projects at NUSSLI and the main representative for all ten projects. Similarly, he and his project teams place great value on maintaining the network concept, which NUSSLI has upheld since the very beginning. "With our international construction activities, we are always dependent on being able to establish relationships all over the world and finding trustworthy partners. In this extensive network, we function quite like a hub as a result of our duties, but also our project know-how and our experience, which helps both us and our network partners to advance."

Outstanding architecture

Only recently, the magazine "Architectural Digest" published the eight architecturally most significant pavilions at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The fact that NUSSLI is involved in two of these extraordinary structures is particularly exciting and motivating for the project teams. They are responsible for the realization of the exhibition in the architecturally significant pavilions for France and Japan. In its "Pavilion of Light", France has dedicated 800 m2 of exhibition space entirely to the theme of light. The high-tech exhibition on the key topics of "Sustainability" and "Japan's connection to the Middle East" in the Japanese pavilion is being realized by NUSSLI according to the concept and design by the consortium consisting of Murayama Inc. und Tanseisha Co Ltd.

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