Temporary Stadium, Dusseldorf, Exterior View
Temporary Stadium, Dusseldorf, Interior View
Temporary Stadium, Dusseldorf, Grandstands

NUSSLI Builds Temporary Stadium for Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fortuna Dusseldorf, a second division team of the German national soccer league, has recourse to a temporary stadium for its last three home matches of the season.

Febrero 2011

The soccer matches cannot be held at the Esprit Arena, home of the soccer club, because of the Eurovision Song Contest. On January 11, the city of Dusseldorf commissioned NUSSLI with the construction of the provisional stadium for Fortuna and NUSSLI is building a fully functional interim stadium according to the guidelines of the DFB and the DFL. Construction of the 20,000 seat stadium began on January 17th and  is scheduled to be completed on March 15th.  
The stadium's capacity allows for 20,000 spectators, divided into about 12,500 seats plus standing room for 7,500. The function rooms for the teams will be set up in fully equipped containers behind the main grandstand. NUSSLI is employing a team of about 40 people for the construction of the grandstand facilities. NUSSLI is constructing the stadium in the Arena-Sportpark as a temporary modular stadium and renting the material for the duration of use. When the ESPRIT arena is available for Fortuna Dusseldorf again, NUSSLI will dismantle the provisional venue.  The materials will then be used for subsequent projects.

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