Big Air, Snow Show Barcelona 2009
Big Air, Snow Show Barcelona 2009

Big Air Barcelona; January 15, 2011

The Snowboard World Championships will open with the Big Air Barcelona event in Barcelona, in the Palau Sant Jordi Arena on January 15th, 2011.

Enero 2011

 More than 300 of the best snowboarders from 30 countries will compete with daredevil stunts, flips and jumps and do their best to provide viewers with a top-class athletic experience.
It will take 25 installers 6 days to construct the spectacular, 31 meter high ramp and install 200 metric tons of material. The load-bearing capacity of the structure is a major consideration to ensure safety in this project, as it is to be loaded with 200 tons of artificial snow. In addition to the static challenges of the huge steel pipe structure, the logistics are also demanding, as 25 truckloads of material have to be transported through the middle of the city.

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