Expo Astana 2017

Expo Astana 2017: NUSSLI is on site

For the very first time, Kazakhstan will become the host country to a world exhibition when the Expo is held in Astana during the summer of 2017. NUSSLI's experienced experts are available in Astana for your Expo 2017 project.

Julio 2016

Providing energy in the future — one of the greatest challenges that mankind faces. Under this slogan and true to the motto, "Future Energy: Action for Global Sustainability," everything in Kazakhstan will revolve around the reliable provision of sufficient energy in developing countries and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

In Astana with NUSSLI

Thanks to our many years of experience in pavilion and exhibition construction, we are able to construct sophisticated architectural structures. Thanks to our project office in Astana we guarantee an optimal execution of projects with competent contact persons on site and at the headquarters in Switzerland.

For further information about our Expo projects please visit our expo page at http://expo.nussli.com/


Juan Becerra

Juan Becerra

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