Cantonal Wrestling Festival Bern 2016
Cantonal Wrestling Festival Bern 2016

Wrestling Atmosphere in Meiringen

The annual Bern Cantonal Wrestling Festival will be taking place in Meiringen next weekend, from July 16 to 17. Within just five days, NUSSLI set up the wrestling arena consisting of five grandstands.

Julio 2016

Bern's Cantonal Wrestling Festival is being held in Meiringen again for the first time in 47 years. Over 10,000 wrestling fans are expected in Meiringen during the festival weekend.

A total of 7906 spectators and 35 members of the press will be seated in the covered arena in Meiringen. The six-man NUSSLI team took a total of five days to construct the arena. They were assisted by 30 energetic helpers and the civil defense force.

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