The Source. It's in your hands.
 A glacier drill core – the centerpiece of the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2012
"Sip of Switzerland" – the pure taste of Swiss spring water

Swiss Glaciers in Korea

"The Living Ocean and Coast" is the motto of this year's World Expo being held in the Korean coastal city of Yeosu, which opened on Saturday, May 12. Switzerland presents its invaluable resources of clear and clean spring waters to visitors from all over the globe.

Mayo 2012

Several thousand visitors have already tasted a "Sip of Switzerland" which is, in fact, a mouthful of Korean water transformed into fresh spring water from the Alps with the help of ingenious Swiss technology. 
NUSSLI produced the Swiss Pavilion in close cooperation with Steiner Sarnen AG für Kommunikation and TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH, taking on the responsibility for the structural implementation of the entire exhibition as well as its construction and logistics. The centerpiece of the presentation is a drill core as the "Source of Knowledge." NUSSLI constructed a walk-in refrigerated space to maintain a constant temperature of minus ten degrees Celsius for this sliver of eternal ice. 

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