Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, Indianapolis, USA

Indianapolis 500 – 100 Years of the Indy 500

The Indianapolis 500, often just called the Indy 500, has been going strong since May 30, 1911 and is the oldest and most traditional automotive circuit race in the world.

Mayo 2011

It is the highlight of the racing calendar of the Indy Racing League (IndyCar), formerly Champ Car up till 1995. With over 400,000 spectators, it is the world’s largest annual one-day sporting event. In 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the first purpose-built automotive racetrack in the United States. It is completely surrounded by the city of Indianapolis in the US state of Indiana. 
To support the large number of events that take place every year at the International Motor Speedway, NUSSLI has been building temporary seats, temporary tent floors, patios, fencing, media platforms, seats for wheelchair users, concession stands and temporary ramps since 1980.

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