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Architecture for Special Brand Moments. The sky is the limit for your exhibition designers with NUSSLI as a partner for the construction of your exhibition presence. We like things challenging, extravagant and complex. We make sure that your fair appearance is right for your brand and implement spectacular, cost effective ideas, while focusing on quality.

Our experts are in their element when they are designing spectacular and complex trade fair booths and can bring all their knowledge and experience to the table.

From Conceptualization to the Delivery of your Exhibition Stand

NUSSLI offices around the world guarantee efficiency and short distances. When particularly outstanding efforts are required on site, we can also rely on our tried and tested global network of partners. We advise you closely in all project phases – from the initial exhibition stand concept, to the construction documents, to the implementation of your exhibition appearance – and come up with the most cost-effective, high-quality solutions. With our own production facilities, we have the flexibility to be able to tailor our services to your requirements.

Experience Brands Live

Convincing arguments in favor of an exhibition appearance? Proximity to and dialogue with clients and the immediacy of the brand experience. Your clients experience your brand and its message three-dimensionally, in-person and with all five senses. The effect? Sustainable and convincing.

Our Services

  • Customized Exhibition Architecture
  • Modular, mobile Exhibition Booths 
  • MoMoCUBE®
  • Single- or Multi-Story Exhibition Structures
  • Our own production sites in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic
Customized Exhibition Architecture and Global Exhibition Programs

If you would like to design your own individual exhibition architecture or develop exhibition programs that will be used worldwide, you must be able to rely on a partner with in-depth know-how and experience during all phases of the project. As a constructor of trade fair booths, we create feasibility studies and work out concepts with you according to your ideas. And not only that – we also take over the whole extent of project management, including planning, sampling and sometimes trial construction, in-house production, assembly and operation, maintenance, transport logistics and storage or recycling. Our focus is on corporate identity and our client's needs at all times.

Modular Trade Fair Booths and Exhibition Kits

The designing of brand appearances is particularly demanding if their use is repeated at different trade fairs and exhibition areas. We design the supporting structure or substructure, as well as the floors, walls, ceilings and other structures, as modules. In this way, the individual exhibition stand modules can be flexibly adapted to the conditions and exhibition concepts of the respective locations. And yet they carry a compelling, clear brand message in every size and configuration. Even the visualization of the concept idea will convince you of the versatility and flexibility of your modular trade fair booth. And all the more so because the specialists in our in-house production facilities quickly manufacture the components, as well as the matching furnishings, exhibits and showcases to the highest level of precision, with quality always in the forefront of their minds. On request, they can also be made of selected materials.

Single or Multi-Story Exhibition Structures

Single, double or even triple? If there is not enough space available, we will gladly add another story. Take advantage of even more presentation space for your brand with exhibition structures of two or more stories. We sort the possibilities out directly with the trade fair or exhibition organizers. And for your next exhibition appearance, in-house exhibition or even participation in a World Expo, we can also accomplish something that may seem impossible to you. As your partner in everything from the creative process to structural implementation and, on request, operations, we support you in concept development, the specification of services for tendering, the selection of suppliers, logistics and scheduling, project management and control, training and documentation, as well as exhibition stand and event management.

Showrooms, Lounges, and Shop-in-Shop Expansions

Product and brand stagings have a sustainable emotional impact if they are precisely planned and implemented to the highest standard of quality. This is what our planners do best. They skillfully create the right atmosphere with lighting installations, using audio/video and multimedia to give rise to fascinating effects, and make use of effective displays and graphics. You can rely on our competence as a comprehensive service provider. We keep on top of things and implement the complete solution for your brand project according to your concepts and ideas, so your time is freed up for other tasks. It is also conceivable that you might commission us with a specific task as part of a larger project. In such case, we coordinate our services with the other trades and ensure smooth interface planning.

Conferences and Events for Clients, Shareholders, the Media, and Employees

Brand experiences are not limited to trade fair events alone. Event stand construction at a General Assembly, an employee's anniversary event or a significant product launch – the 3D communication of your brand opens up opportunities in many places. Talk to us about visions and goals; we'll take responsibility for planning and implementation. We give your vision a concrete form and handle the overall process, starting with the cost analyses and scheduling. During implementation, we assume overall project management from interface planning, transport logistics and the coordination of companies, architects, event agencies and construction service providers up to approval and test run. During and after the event, you can also entrust us with event support, maintenance and environmentally sound dismantling. Our specialists are well versed in every project phase.

MoMoCUBE® - Unlimited Possibilities

Whether it is used for a roadshow, or as a promotional pavilion or exhibition stand, the MoMoCUBE is the perfect solution for your brand presentation or event.

A high-quality cube with the standard dimensions of a 20-foot container forms the basic element of the modular system. The individual cubes can be freely arranged and combined with each other by stacking or coupling. The MoMoCUBES can therefore be uniquely configured according to your  individual preferences and needs and adapted to your event.

The Cube can be easily transported by truck and assembled and dismantled in a very short time. In an exhibition hall as well as outdoors.

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Some reference examples:

MoMoCUBE Exhibition Tower

MoMoCUBE Exhibition Tower

MoMoCUBE Meeting Room

MoMoCUBE Meeting Room

MoMoCUBE Pavilion

MoMoCUBE Pavilion

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