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Implementing Unusual Ideas. Challenge us with demanding tasks in museum and exhibition construction; We bridge the gap between visionary staging and excellent craftsmanship.

An interactive visitor center, exhibitions staged to involve the senses or a critically distanced experiential exhibit? We effectively implement the designs of agencies, architects, set designers and exhibition designers, from individual showcases for sensational exhibits to a completely designed exhibition. Using our wealth of knowledge and well-thought-out planning, we develop modular base elements which can be found in different variations and guises in the exhibition concept. Modular structures ensure maximum flexibility, as well as time and cost savings, particularly for alternating or traveling exhibitions.

Your Exhibition Deserves the Best Quality

Precision, on-time delivery, and the efficient use of materials are a matter of course with NUSSLI. Our in-house production departments for carpentry, timber, and metal construction have proven to offer a huge advantage: They support us with planning and in the construction of mock-ups. They also develop special solutions, such as sculptures or art installations. They ensure the quality-conscious implementation of your ideas.

Museum Structures with the Most Unusual Designs

What is your vision? Perhaps you are planning to inspire people with a presentation of artwork. Or maybe you would like to amaze them with an installation and give them something to think about. Whatever it is, we can help turn your vision into reality.

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Permanent Exhibitions

You can ignite the spark of enthusiasm for topics, creations or things in your visitors with a skillfully conceived exhibition. We apply our expertise in exhibition construction to support you in conveying messages and stories and offering visitors a high level of experience and entertainment. We turn your exhibition concept into a sustainable journey of discovery. We continue to develop your flash of inspiration until effective exhibition furnishings or an interactive exhibit come into being.

While being experts in planning and construction, our specialists are also well versed in all project phases. Their assignment can begin by coordinating the requirements of the foundations, the curators, the public officials, the museum directors, the scenographers and the patrons. Or they can plan all the signage, visitor management and graphics. Their work does not usually finish with the opening of the exhibition. Typically, maintenance and upkeep, during the exhibition, also fall within the agreed scope of services.

Alternating, Traveling and Special Exhibitions

Tight time frames for assembling and dismantling, the transportability of the exhibits and exhibition structures, logistics, the sustainability and reusability of the individual components, as well as additional aspects are incorporated into the planning for temporary exhibitions. These are tasks with which we are very familiar. We free you up to deal with the dramatic composition of the exhibition and the visitors' experience by taking over the organization and scheduling, overall project management, production, logistics and assembly. In addition, we ensure that the exhibition components are dismantled in an environmentally friendly manner or reused elsewhere.

Either your own concept or one that we develop together can serve as the base. The results that you can expect are sophisticated exhibition structures such as movable exhibits, movable walls, showcases, display cases, special structures, lighting installations and multimedia presentations. These structures support the exhibit's dramatic composition and build suspense to perfection from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.

Experiential and Themed Exhibits

Arouse curiosity, dive into a topic, experiment, discover and experience. Experiential and themed exhibits provide inspiration due to their new, different approach and scenographic sophistication. These exhibition buildings must be extremely flexible and versatile. Likewise, the project team has to think outside the box.

Conditions like these are the perfect playground for NUSSLI. Our specialists are accustomed to being involved from the beginning phase. Our feasibility studies sort out the possibilities for you. We provide you with expert advice on the selection of materials and components. We plan and produce special structures that are an exact fit for audio, video and lighting installations, as well as for moving or walk-in exhibits. We stay in close contact with the technical planners, scenographers, architects, creative agencies and other stakeholders during each phase of the project, and maintain a constant exchange.

Visitor Centers

Ideas, imagination and even a little intuition are required when it comes to staging products and services. With clever implementation, the abstract can suddenly become tangible, the complicated simple, and the commonplace extremely interesting. In close dialogue with our clients, we determine their needs and requirements during concept development. At the same time, as an external partner, we take the visitor's perspective into account, which seriously challenges us and links both sides. You can even task us with the often challenging coordination of technical planners, creative agencies, scenographers, artists and all other project participants or even the entire project management without further ado. We have plenty of experience with this.

Are the exhibits too large, too valuable, too fragile or too complicated for presentation in showcases or display cases? Then customized products, special structures or special exhibition furnishings can create the perfect setting for an exclusive corporate object.

Object Structures and Sculptures

Pushing the limits, trying the impossible. Realizing an art object on behalf of an artist is always a special challenge for our specialists. The requirements, with regard to engineering, material choice or location, are as different as the objects themselves. The in-depth expertise and experience of our project planners, as well as the possibility of a test setup or sampling, help to resolve critical issues. The advantages of our in-house production facilities play a supporting role in that they provide direct exchange between the project and production team, short reaction times and quick material procurement. As a client, you benefit from continuous and rapid development work or from the possibility of prefabricating modular components and assembling them on site.

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