NUSSLI and Expo

NUSSLI and Expo

Within last World Expositions in Milan and Astana, NUSSLI can record 20 years of Expo experience. NUSSLI is regularly responsible for the realization of pavilions and exhibitions of various countries and organizations and ensures a memorable and spectacular appearance.


For half a century NUSSLI has realized complex and often mission-critical projects in order to ensure that events, conventions, and exhibitions leave behind a lasting impression. Diverse products and services that are impressive precisely because of their short realization times and high quality, as well as the unlimited commitment and networked coordination of its teams — these are what set NUSSLI apart. Our employees are specialists and experts based on the challenges they face and their experiences. This is because it is only he who consistently innovate who will be able  deliver extraordinary results.

The following World Expositions NUSSLI was already involved in:

  • Hanover 2000
  • Aichi 2005
  • Zaragoza 2008
  • Shanghai 2010
  • Yeosu 2012
  • Milan 2015
  • Astana 2017

Pavilion and Exhibitions— Solutions for the Extraordinary

Lending on many years of project experience in pavilion and exhibition constructions, we are able to implement sophisticated architectural solutions. Working closely with clients and creative partners, NUSSLI realizes pavilion and exhibition structures that seem impossible at first glance. We create pavilions and exhibitions from all conceivable designs and space profiles — with wood, steel, or other materials. Our experience with unique projects allows us to implement our knowhow directly — economically, creatively, and reliably.

NUSSLI – Your Expert for Your Appearance at Expo

NUSSLI has realized numerous World Expo exhibitions for various countries in the past. Our experience from numerous projects make us a reliable partner.

From 23 different locations, we offer you reliable and competent on-site management. With our own office close to the Expo site, we guarante you the optimal execution of your projects.

Nothing designated yet? And you need an exhibition stand constructor for the realization of your Expo project? Then you're in the right place. Due to our short realization times, we can also take on projects at short notice.

The combination of our years of experience, profound know-how and an international partner network ensure a target-oriented and cost-optimized implementation of your concepts and plans.


Some of Our Latest Expo References

Austria Pavilion “Austria makes sense”

France Pavilion “Light, Enlightenment”

Kazakhstan Pavilion “The Gateway to Tomorrow”

“Where ideas meet”, Japanese Pavilion

UK Expo Presentation "We Are Energy", Expo 2017 Astana

Air Astana Expo Presentation "Air Astana – A Global Carrier!", Expo 2017 Astana

German Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Mexican Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Swiss Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Swiss Pavilion, Expo Yeosu 2012

Belarus Pavilion “Forest of Future Technology”

Luxembourg Pavilion “Resourceful Luxembourg”

China Pavilion “Light of China”

Chinese Expo Presentation “Future Energy, Green Silk Road”, Expo 2017 Astana

Shell Expo Presentation "Energy Lab. Discover a Cleaner Energy Future.", Expo 2017 Astana

Italian Wine Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Coop Future Food District, Expo Milano 2016

Vanke Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

German Pavilion, Expo Shanghai 2010

Germany Pavilion “Campus Germany”

Monaco Pavilion “Monaco 360° – a World of Opportunities”

Baden-Württemberg House

Vatican Expo Presentation "Energy for the common good: Caring for our common home.", Expo 2017 Astana

Kuwait Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Spanish Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

USA Pavilion, Expo Milano 2016

Swiss Pavilion, Expo Shanghai 2010


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